Brainstorm: Accounts Disabled

With IG getting shutdown for a few hours I have seen lots of people complaining about having their instagram accounts disabled or blocked. This includes ones on jarvee, bots and even manual accounts.

There must be a common link or some way that IG knows what we are upto.

So, for those of you that have had disabled accounts this week. Let me know what happened and a summary of your setup so we can find this link and get passed it.


My personal account got disabled this week. I don’t use any bots, jarvee or anything.
First my ad account was disabled, after that my ig got disabled, ad account is now working after review (they sent me an email saying that it was disabled by mistake) IG is still disabled…(i am still talking with FB agents to see if they activate it, if they don’t i will use recap)


IMO the whole of the Zuckerberg empire has been buggy this week with lots of little changes and updates. I haven’t lost any accounts (manual on phones). Next week will back to normal.

Fingerprints seem to make a difference when running accounts in browsers, this is what is seen and having ‘You are not masking your fingerprint’ ticked green seems to make a difference!

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Lol that site says I’m using automation on my phone. Which I have never. Duno what thats talking about

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It could just be human error Hopefully.

I don’t get that on my phone.

It’s just that the number of api requests is unstable. All accounts that were connected to any external services except jarvee first requested a password change, then went to the ban. Even with manual posting, many people failed to change their password. All because of the unstable number of api requests. This is clearly seen in the scrapers, that even the upgraded scrapers make 30-60 api requests and immediately ask for a checkpoint or go to the ban. Although before the lags, Instagram made up to 25,000 api requests per day. You just have to wait until everything stabilizes

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Personally Ive lost no main accounts or slaves. Only scrapers. But am concerned with losing some in the future so trying to make sure I’m one step ahead.

i hope so… i will update here as soon as anything changes

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Are you still managing to run a decent setup with those poor api calls? I havn’t been running much on jv lately as ive been trying to source away to scrape externally. But am going back to jarvee tomorrow so hopefully my scrapers will play nice.

Did you contact them via live chat? I thought they would tell you whether they can reactivate your account or not during the live chat. or did they send an email asking you take a selfie?

i contacted them via live chat, they said that they were making an appeal on my behalf. And now there is a open case, that i requested update and them got an email with the update, saying that they are reviewing my case… I am now talking with them only by email, but they only say that they are looking at it, but nothing changes

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as you know I use very safe settings, 1 main per proxy, each main have 3 scrapers, after the last wave I lost few scrapers to the temporary locked and 24 review that’s all

What I noticed is accounts that were created by me are fine, accounts that were purchased (Speaking on HQ accounts and not scrapers) are getting Capcha since Friday. Haven’t happened before though.

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Got my account back without making any appeal (the forms / pictures with code), just used the facebook live chat and than exchanged some emails with them, now i received this email:

After thorough investigation with @(edit), I am happy to say that the team has reviewed your Account and has re-enabled it since it is a false-positive based of the random reviews conducted from time to time. We appreciate patience.

You may also visit this link “” for future reference on how to troubleshoot a disabled Instagram Account.


Great news man!

so lucky to have account back without appeal. Is this something fortunate?

I’d be interested in seeing if accounts that were linked to Business Manager/Creator Studio/Ad Manager ever get these false positives, or if that’s a good way to bulletproof your main accounts.

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Congrats! and thanks for sharing the email.

Depends what you mean by false positives?

I know of guys that have had there accounts banned from manually f/uf or dming and they had big accounts with ad manager etc.

Also obviously those that use jarvee or bots are at risk . But the guy above I think was an actual false positive, I’m just saying that business accounts don’t stop accounts getting banned.

I had a small IG agency bussiness account I grew to about 2k on jarvee get banned and its never had any blocks or anything. It wasn’t really the kind of page I wanted in the end so didn’t appeal. I was only doing 150 follow a day and using my own residential ip. Just bad luck, none of my slaves have had that issue luckily.

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