Brainstorm: Accounts Disabled

I am happy that you’ve managed to restore it. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

My personal account was disabled a few days ago, had it for nearly ten years and more than 51,000 followers. Wasn’t using any type of automation or F/UF. I did however use a Chrome extension or two for downloading content, my hard drive / laptop died and I wanted to download my own content from Instagram. Then the next time I tried to log in, got a notice that my account was disabled, tried to appeal and just send some basic info like my name and which country I was writing from, and send a photo with a code.

No response from them at all, even to successive appeals. It is all very frustrating indeed, how they can just make you disappear without any warning! FB is a very authoritarian regime, I hope they get their comeuppance.

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That’s exactly what makes me angry, when a user doesn’t use any type of automation nor aggressive settings, then they remove your account just like that !! man, that’s not a good thing to do. just keep appealing day after day and helpfully you will get it back.

when I see such a comment " didn’t used any automation and still my account disabled " my soul trembles from inside nd me like, hey god don’t do this to me secure my account :wink:


You know why say instagram your user not found

Accounts been disabled

How disabled account

Please you can help me to disable my account

what do you mean by “Please you can help me to disable my account”? do you mean recover your account?

False positive, it is like a PCR against covid :slight_smile:

Exactly what i thought when i read it

Hello everyone,

I think that something very similar happened to me as @dandanflood described.

My account is 6 years old, 166k followers absolutely nothing has been done with that account besides REPOSTING the content twice per day from my phone and BOOM 3 days it has been disabled just like that!

When I tried to log in they just informed me that account is under 24h review.

I tried to log in after 24h back and then I saw a notification that my account has been disabled because of breaking some ToU.

After that, I immediately went to check an email just to be sure that someone didn’t report me or something like that, but there were no such emails from Instagram.

A few hours later I appealed, 1 minute later I received an email from Instagram with code which I submitted back.

I didn’t hear anything back from them since then!

IG is really overthinking things. Their rules and accounts disabling are now coming without a warning and to accounts that are looking decent and don’t break the TOU. Not sure what are their criterias anymore.

Honestly I have always had a bad feelng about using automation for posting. When I stopped things got a lot better

Did you use an automation tool for reposting or other actions? or did you just repost manually on your phone? Did you tag or mention the original poster in your post?

If you have a FB account that has run ads, you can try to contact FB support via live chat:

@heroeslair Well, the thing is that I didn’t use any BOT or TOOL for reposting. I ONLY & STRICTLY used it on my mobile phone.

@ossi Yeap, I always gave a proper credit in the caption + TAG on the actual post the original creator or the owner of the picture/video/reels.

Unfortunately, I didn’t link it to Facebook :thinking:

What do you think guys, how long should I wait for a reply before trying to submit another appeal?

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards

I just got hit with the same thing with my personal accounts. Used an extension to download a few pictures. thats it. WTF. DId you get it back?

Have you received a reply yet? if not, you should submit another appeal. If they stop responding to your appeal, try entering a different email address in the appeal form field.

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What link can I apeal to? no code gets sent to me

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