Brexit - What Do You Think?


Just wondering what the rest of the world thinks is going on in the UK?
It’s pretty undemocratic on both sides.


A simple majority referendum to decide on something as critical as shooting yourself in the foot and that depends on renegotiating various critical trade agreements and being essentially an island which has striven off of being secure and a reference point in the world?

A situation in which those responsible jumped the boat and now one of the guys who spread lies is in charge and pulled an unconstitutional move by preventing parliament to discuss democratically?

Yeah sure, please proceed. Seems reasonable.


@Swoosh Nicely summed up :smile:


Watching it tonight it was like a bad Pantomime.


I did not vote and knew they were lying to people trying to trick them to get their vote. NHS funding was a lie ! Immegration promises was a lie. People got played on this one.
This video pretty much sums it up.


Politics is all that makes me cry :’(


It’s pretty scary the whole situation, I’ve been living in UK almost two years and I’ve seen a lot of friends leaving the country before it gets worse, people doesn’t know what’s going to happen, no one wants to spend money, people is scared of going on holidays and then lost the right of staying in the country… lets see what happens the next month but doesn’t seem to go better tbh


I know quite a few people that have left, or are about too.
Sad really because everyone I know that’s come here has worked hard and paid taxes doing a shitty job that a lot of Brits wouldn’t do.
Sure everyone is different but lives are being uprooted.


Brexit will change nothing.
UK is in the UE but they are out all european norms :

  • Left Driving instead Right Driving
  • Distance and speed in Miles instead of Kilometer
  • Livre Sterling instead of Euro
  • Checking passport instead of free entrance
  • Several teams in sport competition instead of one team


Being in the UE was a big driver for many companies taking HQ there, driving high paying jobs to people who would spend that money in the UK.

With just the bank jobs thay have shifted (and will formalise post Brexit) into europe, that alone will damage the economy. Those jobs are not coming back. Trade agreements are also key to ensure that the UK can import goods at attractive prices.

I guess one thing going for them is that when inflation continues to rise and the pound devalues further they will be more competitive when bidding for contracts /exporting. Hooray.


Can’t we all just get along…? :cry:


It’s exactly the same right now in South Africa. Specifically in Cape Town where I am. Dark times!


Brexit is a bit silly… They say we could lose thousands of jobs. Yet by 2030 10-15 million jobs will be lost by automation. Yet never discussed. It’s just another thing they use to divide us.


It’s sad sad times, you can taste it in the air over here.


I live in the UK for over 13 years, but as EU citizen didn’t have a right to vote.

Don’t agree with it, but hope for the best (whatever it might be).


There isn’t really a right answer- both sides (leave and stay) have pretty solid arguments. With this said, did people not originally vote to leave? What’s really made the situation messey is the constant interference and back-and-forth.

Mind you, I do live in Canada (unfortunately).


The issue included some politicians lying and carrying out such a massive 180° change on only a simple majority. Then you have the issue of Ireland and the Scots which were mostly pro EU but have been dragged in by a voter base which was predominantly old and will not have to live for the full consequences should it not go as “pitched”.

I’m not saying “stay” didn’t have any negatives or that brexit makes more sense, but man did they do a mess.


I guess the best way to look at the situation is, mess now or mess later, because either way a mess will happen.


Very wise words :+1:


Very relevant