Building Landing Pages for CPA

So I have around 100 IG accounts. I use most of them to collect emails from opt-in pages that I link out to from my url in my bio. I am getting around 65-85 leads per day but I am having a hard time getting them to buy. I know that cpa is very popular but I really don’t understand what type of landing pages people are using. Can somebody show me an example of how you are getting them to click your bio link, hit a landing page then be redirected to the cpa offer? I tried just direct linking to a few cpa offers, (some accounts got banned doing that, some are still up and running) but really didn’t make much.

I saw a word press plugin called presell crusher that seems like it is perfect for this type of thing. Go to youtube and type in presell crusher or google it. Is this what ppl are using for their cpa presell offers on Instagram?


Don’t link your direct cpa offers to IG,make landing page with your domain and Wordpress and then link to your CPA offers is the safe way to promote.
here is the example of iphone niche landing page:
To create a landing page here is the WP plugin called profit builder.YOU CAN download from here:

To learn how you can use this plugin to create Landing page here is the tutorial for you:

if anything else you can feel free to ask :blush:


Thanks for the response. I use LeadPages to build my landing pages/opt-in pages and that is a really nice presell page for the iPhone you posted but I came across a plugin called presell crusher that makes users click multiple short questions to get them in the “yes” mindset. LeadPages does not have anything like this unfortunately so I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin like presell crusher or have they used it themselves?

can you give presell crusher if you feel like it ?

Op if you learn basic HTML it would be off GREAT importance to you,

download Httrack, learn his to use it(YouTube), check any IG landing page you think is converting, then rip it, upload to your severs (YouTube how its done again), p.p.s replace their original locker link with yours,
then put prelander link in your bio.

How to make prelander: make use of any web 2.0 (YouTube how to create a landing page using WordPress or blogger), once again see what prelander is working on instagram, create yours with a few buttons and strong call to actions…

Map: link in bio=shortened prelander link—>leads to main LP with locker on

But you got to research a niche for your locker

Feel free to Google anything you may not understand

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LOL that LP you showed well… i haven’t been be able to download an iphone just yet :slight_smile:

Anyways, why not make a landingpage that is part of a bigger website (this is what i am doing right now) instead of just aiming for the CPA/listbuilding, i have created amazon stores on the sites in my niche with a 90 day cookie, added some cheap articles and some scraped content to make it all look very real, seems to work cus i am getting trickle sales in amazon (average $10 a day) and getting some CPA money while i am growing my IG accounts…

I will be stepping away from CPA all together i think and just build big accounts with good engagements and link to amazon stores in niches that people don’t go after in droves (like Iphones and Fashion)

So i can make some $$ upfront and later sell shoutouts


Thanks for the comment but that landing page is not mine,as i posted here to give an example of how a landing page look like people are using and the plugin which i used to create LP and i know there are various plugins available in market to choose which work for best.Thats why i posted to show an example how it look like to get an overall idea,because no one gonna tell their niche,i have my own created niche which will remain evergreen

Plz make a thread about this

I got that, it was just funny, that’s all…

About what, using amazon sites as LP’s

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Ya I know,not to mention.afterall we are here to help each other.and thanks for your contribution.

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Yes how to make monet from amazon rather then cpa

What does locker on mean? My computer skills are next to nothing. I know 0 html. Hence why I use leadpages.

Its a content locker that makes you fill out an offer before you can proceed
If you look at t he landingpage that hello_vickysen ( posted you will see on ine action

Don’t worry about you skills, dive into Google as much, you’d be amazed how fast you’d learn these things…that’s one way i learned them. I never knew those stuff too

@hello_vickysen that sentence doesn’t even make sense. what do you mean?

Please make a thread about this. :smiley:

There is not much to say honestly, you build a store with amazon products, on that site you build a landingpage for yoru CPA, now you add that link to your bio, add some articles, setup a email list building thingy a good example is (not mine), have a look at that site,m that is how i do mine.

You have to understand that my gameplan is shifted from CPA hack/giveaways to building large and lasting accounts so i can sell shoutouts which will be much more profitable then these $.10 cent offers that are getting your account banned anyway

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Aren’t your afraid Instagram will eventually shut down your accounts? Running them using MP is risky and if you aren’t collecting leads/email addresses all that work could go down the drain with one Instagram sweep. Seems like they do a mass suspension in January of every year. I think I lost 60 accounts in like one day and they were in all different types of niches.

Also how are you getting paid for shoutouts? Paypal? I have a few accounts with over 40k followers and not one person has asked for a shoutout from me so how do you go about soliciting shoutouts?

Sure that could happen, that could also happen when you don’t use MP, i don’t think MP is the problem, it is what you do with your accounts that is a problem, i think.

Selling shoutouts can be done in several ways, first: through IG itself (in the bio) secondly: you can use a service like and third: you can setup your own website with your accounts (like and advertice at places enterpeneurs in your niche are

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