Bulk engagement calculator


Hey guys,

Because I needed some custom tool to bulk-calculate the engagement rate of profiles, I built it myself :smiley: In an effort to add value to the community, here is me sharing the built .exe file with you.

What does it do?
Oftentimes when I evaluate accounts (for sourcing or research purposes), I tend to need to calculate their engagement rate in bulk. So this little tool will do just that for you. All calculations are based on the last 12 posts.

You’ll be getting a .csv file with the following output:

  • username
  • media count
  • follower count
  • total likes
  • total comments
  • average likes
  • average comments
  • Engagement rate
  • Engagement rate in percentages

How does it work?
Using it is fairly simple, you just fill the textfile userlist.txt with the usernames you want to check (1 username per line) and run the .exe.

You’ll get the output file users_with_er.csv (shown above), with all the (valid) accounts that were checked.

Valid accounts
The tool will skip accounts that:

  • have less than 12 posts
  • have no followers
  • have a private profile
  • are unavailable at the time of scraping (mostly due to username change, phone or mail verification, banned…)



  • Random delay timer input (in seconds). This will pause the script for a few seconds between each user query.


  • Added avg. likes and comment calculations
  • Added rounding to all calculations

You can download it here.


Very kind of you to share that :smiley: :+1:
All the best to you and your family (especially your last-year-born baby) are fine :bouquet:

@didagou, I think this might be also interesting for you if you only look for the engagement rate of specific accounts


This looks cool, i will look into it too. Thanks


Awesome share bro, very good of you to share it with us all for free after your effort to create it, respect!


=D2/12 where D2 is Total like column and you will get average likes per post :slight_smile:




THANK YOU for sharing. I really appreciate your help!


Added a small update to the original file :slight_smile: see OP for changes.


Thanks @nocturnae | Testing it now!

UPDATE: Works great :smiley: