Bulk Schedule Video Pins


Lately i have been searching and searching a way to bulk schedule video posts in pinterest.
We have JV but it seems that it doesn´t support video posting in Pinterest.
There are other tools like tailwind that i have heard of but i have never tried and it wouldn´t be cost and time effective, i want to post the same content that i post in my instagram pages also in pinterest.

  • I have been trying some zapier and IFTTT integrations but none of them post the videos.
  • Now there is the bulk schedule option in pinterest i have been exploring lately but it seems that it needs an url for every video which is impossible because i have them locally.

The posts are in JV in my instagram campaigns i have tried to export them via csv and upload the videos into dropbox but getting the direct download link from dropbox for every video and matching them with the original captions in the csv would really be a pain.

Idk guys i really need some advice here…
Thank you

Yes, as far as I know, Jarvee’s still not supporting posting videos to Pinterest.

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I wrote to ask them, they do not have any feature with video pins