Buying accounts, getting blocked

Hi, so i just bought some accounts (3y old) to test and I cant verfy them to JArvee, here’s my steps:
1/ Add profile, type usename, pw, dont click verify.
2/ add email and pw under EV, Test it and its valid
3/go to proxy manager and add the account to the proxy (4G)
4/ go to profile and click verify, the account gets Pending (add account cred. and click verify msg) OR the account is blocks and needs a password change.
5/ try to login from an EB, instagram notice weird activity and sends a code to email, open the email and cant find any new emails from IG (dont know why) (

What am i doing wrong? i tried some personal accounts and verified fine so there’s nothing wrong with the proxy.


There are some problems with verifying accounts at the moment, check this thread: