Buying FB Ads Accounts? !BE AWARE! - CreativeClicks+ FxMonetize scammed by live:vkm

Short story:
This provider live:vkmediaads (skype) been trying to sell FB ads accounts all over the Internet, some here, some on mpsocial, some on BHW etc…
His Whatsapp +91 97878 65555, he has broken EN and from IN.
The provider scammed Forex company Fxmonetize and Marketing company Creative Clicks (us) , both for 2Grand USD each.
Cant make refund since we paid with BTC.
He is not willing to provide a refund and his service never came.

Here are some screenshots:


  • asked for refund
  • blocked me on whatsapp


  • asked for refund - not willing to do so
  • asked for refund - not willing to do so - wants to send his trash service
  • asked for refund - avoiding me
  • claims will refund on Wednesday

*asked for refund - avoiding me

  • asked for refund - doesnt wanna send it
  • claimed I would get refund by this time, no refund - no egg - again tries to provide me service I dont want - Clearly I dont want
  • explanation who we are and asking for refund - calming will send the next day

Next day:

  • no refund - asking again


  • blocked me on whatssapp and not willing to refund

Back TO FXmonetize:

  • they “work” with him as well
  • they ask him to refund us - says he would - didnt do shit
  • lying to Fxmonetize about making us refund so they can keep working with him
  • Fxmonetzie tired about him - asked for refund as well - he is avoiding them

Some information I found later on about this provider on other forums - BE AWARE!

Hope you guys tell the story and avoid doing biz with this Indian guy, scammed around 4 grand USD from 2 companies.
Stay Safe!

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Bump and update

No refund for me or FXmonetize - fucking scammer - BE AWARE!!

Just a bump
Said would pay on Friday? ye right.
Sunday today - no money.

Be Aware


Just another update,
last week the scammer claimed to send money on next Wednesday as can be seen here ->
What a surprise, money not send and I got blocked!

BE AWARE skype: live:vkmediaads
phone: +91 97878 65555

Another update - scammer says wont refund - BE AWARE OF THIS INDIAN

Look here ->

thanks for the tip @Mr.BTC