Buying likes and followers affect engagement rate?

hello, would love to hear some insights.

i currently run an instagram account of Online shop selling babies stuff and a food blogger.

the Online shop holds around 12k Follower, however the engagement is quite low. it only reach maximum of 100 likes after few days. in an hour probably only 20-30 likes

my food blog only gets around 200-300 likes maximum, i bought 10k followers before so it was pretty much around 18k Real followers

is the rate quite low ? and does it true that buying likes and followers make the engagement rate low ?
i often buy likes because i believe by buying likes your post would be featured in some of the hashtags though.

help maybe guys


Yeah they are all dead accounts with like 1-3 posts themselves.

Its probably a server somewhere or a botnet.

AS the old saying goes: “If its too good to be true…”

Fake followers are a waste of time, that’s a fact.
Think about it if you have 10k followers and 300 likes a picture you have a 3% engagement rate and then buy 10k followers and now you have 1.5% eng.rate it all makes sense because all followers are just bots.
About buying likes it may help but buying likes from suppliers are a waste of time since usually they have 0 followers and their likes are not that important.
I suggest you to read about engagement groups.
Are you following the followers of the big accounts in your niche or are you following the users that interacted with posts?
Also about 90% of the time low engagement is the result of poor content and follow methods.


yeah i know, buying followers were some mistake i did before lol

as for buying likes i really thought it would make my post get featured more often in some hashtags but it seems that it doesnt work that way though and it seems i cant access the link you send. maybe give me a like so i can access some vip content lol

I wouldn’t necessarily say that buying followers is a mistake. I’ve purchased a few hundred (between 200-500) for a couple accounts. That was enough to buy the social proof to substantially increase my followers/day and my engagement rate was at ~20% immediately after buying followers (and only keeps increasing). As with anything, I think it comes down to formulating the right plan and engaging with the right users. Granted, I expect both accounts to have lower engagement as they grow 10k+, but I feel it won’t be too difficult to keep a reasonable amount of people around.

If you want to increase your engagement rate, I suggest using the “comments” tool. It has attracted extremely engaged users through keyword and geo-location targeting.


i’m selling baby needs so i pretty much following followers of big baby account. it was good at first few months. however it get quite saturated right now.

im trying to change sources and it doesnt seem to change much though

Honestly, my suggestion to you would be to take the time to make a very impressive spintax set for commenting, and then comment based on geo-location (maternity wards, parks, etc). You may want to check out my guide here: Full disclosure: I did write it myself, but people seem to agree that it’s the proper method.

By using comments, I’ve grown quite an engaged following (hovering at about 30-40% engagement on my <1k accounts).

Fake followers WILL 100% KILL your engagement rate it a very very BAD way!

NEVER BUY FAKE FOLLOWERS!!! …just in case the above was not clear.

A year ago, buying fake followers was perfectly fine since Instagram was not strict with engagement rates. NOW they have changed things. Instagram places exposure limitations on every Instagram account. The higher your engagement rate the MORE exposure your posts get. If your engagement rate is low, your pictures will rarely be seen under any hashtags, and will also rarely be seen in the news feed of your followers.

If you are buying likes, you need a good engagement rate from your current followers. Instagram rates likes based on whether they come from your followers or from non-followers. If they see that the majority of likes come from non-followers this could also cause the algorithm to demote your exposure rate. In addition the speed of the likes is also important. There are some services where you can order like 10k likes, and they all appear within minutes. This is very un-natural and will damage your engagement rate.

In addition to all of this, its important your account receives a steady rate of followers, likes, and comments. If there is no balance then the your exposure will be demoted. It will also lower the chances of getting featured under hashtags.

Lastly when you buy fake (bot) followers, Instagram will eventually ban the accounts (which causes the drop of followers on your account). This drop in followers daily will increase your engagement rate, HOWEVER it will also limit your exposure since you have a high rate of daily un-follows which looks VERY BAD

I sell fake followers & likes as a business. I see lots of dumb people who will buy large amounts of followers or likes and I see first hand the damage that is done on their accounts. Business wise its great since every time they buy more followers & likes, they will become dependent since their account will never grow organically again


ouch, all of that you said was kinda, hurtful to read lol. all my mistakes were written there.

so is there any thing i can do to recover my account ? i did make 2 subs account though (for my babyshop) but it doesnt seems having that much engagement as well… could it be that its a shop ? you know, it doesnt really have much content like quotes, cute baby picture and stuff. mostly are baby blanket itself and with the baby (some), i also buy some likes probably around 100 to make sure it got featured in the hashtag (local industry so it wasnt hard to get featured with some likes)

while my foodblog, it has 30k followers now but the impression are only about 3000 max 4000, is it that bad?
i usually buy likes for this foodblog around 200-300 likes only, making sure it at least have 500-600 likes in total

oh and what about platform like

//// 13 char.


Can’t get enough of your business tactics.

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TBH, I feel like this is more of a warning to not buy mass amounts of followers. I follow a simple rule when it comes to this: never buy more than 50% of my current follower count (usually much lower) and never buy enough followers that your engagement rate would lower to <25%. Others may disagree, and I may even be completely wrong (trust him over me; I’m very much new around here), but that has worked so far for me.

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its better to buy likes and views. For sure your post will be on the top post of less popular hashtags.

it seems that buying followers is not tolerable while buying likes is not that hurtful right ?

Again, it’s more about how you do it rather than what you do. When buying any artificial boosts, it’s a calculated risk. Make sure you have a strategy in place, a firm understanding of why you’re doing it, and the benefits you expect to receive from it. Not that you’re doing this, but too many people fail to understand that you need to treat anything that makes you money like a real business and develop real plans and strategies. Sit down, think it out, and come to a conclusion on your own. For this particular issue, there is no definitive answer anyone can give you, because it depends entirely on your unique needs.


Sorry for not sugar coating it for you.

The more fake followers you purchased on an account the more damage that has been done to your engagement, and the harder it will be to recover it to a neutral state. Fake followers almost always drop over time, which will in fact increase your engagement rate slowly. If the fake followers are not dropping, then it would be better to create a second account to take over your main account if you cant restore it. You can refer to this post for more details How to increase your Instagram Follower Activity?!

With shop or business accounts that dont have any good content to post (baby blankets), there is not really a point in trying to get lots of engagement since you dont really have anything visually to offer. The point of a business account with no good content to post is to showcase your products, gain the trust of potential customers, and generate additional traffic to your website and hopefully more sales. In this case, buying followers would increase your authority and gain the trust of your potential customers thus making it a good option to buy fake followers. In addition if you are following targeted users daily on this account, they will see your follow request, look at the profile, see how many followers you have (lots if you purchased more followers), and if its high, they will have more trust when clicking your link out of curiosity.

You can also choose to create a new account (Highly recommended), which post daily tips for new mothers, and motivational pictures. This would grow much better than your store account. Grow it naturally and organically without buying followers on this account. In the BIO share your store account, and post an occasional picture promoting your store/store account. This account will be your promoting account.

AddMeFast and other platforms like this all contain a high amount of bot/fake accounts also. If you were to send followers to your accounts, you will notice most of the accounts have little to no posted pictures, and are following thosuands of accounts. This is because in order for Person A to get likes on their account, they need to first like/follow Person B. Person A does not want their follwing count to be 6,000 followers, so instead Person A will create a new account, and use this one to like/follow other accounts on AddMeFast to gain points. Then use the AddMeFast points to send likes/followers to their main account.

In short, AddMeFast is NOT better than buying fake followers from a different source.


Hahaha. I started offering quality services to gain real, active, and targeted followers on clients accounts, but they kept on complaining that is was not fast enough. They wanted millions of followers FAST which is completely unrealistic. No mater how much I tried to tell them that this is the ONLY health method to gain followers on their account, they never believed me. I started monitoring their accounts after they discontinued the quality service with me, and I noticed a majority of my ex-clients accounts were growing thousands of followers a day. I looked at their followers and could clearly see that they purchased fake bot followers. This was when I though …hey why not offer this as a lost client prevention method. If they are going to be stupid and buy fake followers from someone, why not have them buy them from me so I still make something off their stupidity. So I continued to offer my quality service, and if a customer was angry that their account did not reach 1 million followers in just a few months, I told them they could purchase fake followers instead, and they can receive 10k followers/day. My loss of clients went down dramatically, and these dumb clients became dependent like drug addicts buying more and more fake followers further destroying their engagement rate.


wow, you are a god man haha, you literally explain everything down to its root. salute.

thanks for your explanation, at least i feel more secure about my online shop. it has been bothering me now i’m getting quite the whole picture.

and oh do you still have that quality service you’re referring ? it got my attention


Happy to hear I was able to paint the rest of the picture for you.

Sure do, the quality service I was talking about was using MassPlanner to manage my clients accounts. I also have a few other services that I use MassPlanner for which will benefit your account without even needing to login to your account.

If you use MassPlanner and want to grow the account yourself, go right ahead. If you need assistance, just post on the forum and someone will help you. If you prefer to hire someone that has experience with MassPlanner, marketing, and advertising then I am up for hire. Ill send you a Private Message to explain the services I offer.

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