Buying Likes & Powerlikes .. does this actual get you on explorer?

A lot of talk has been with engagement groups and powerlikes and buying likes.

Hypothetically if I post an image and buy 10K likes and have 20 big accounts “like” the image … does that help it go viral and hit the explorer page??


Yes it will hit the explore page, it will hit the explore page with way less than 10k likes as well.

The problem with buying likes, aside from it being against IG’s ToS, is that it’s pretty easy to tell that you bought 10k likes.

You don’t go from 400 likes to 10,400 likes overnight.


True, soon i want to try powerlikes from big accounts ( at least 20+accs ) to my main acc.
Also i think it’s better to ask the acc owners to search #hashtag find your post there and Like+comment.
Not directly to your acc + like.

Never test it before so i don’t know :grimacing:


I tried this one and my post just showing 1 hour on top post, after that disappeared, i got 8000 like in 1 hour.


I think that would be better, yes!
But as power likes are not really cheap normally, do you really wanna pay for them?

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Depends on what are the things you want to achieve… Because it’s not really cheap, you have to calculate the return. Ex. You pay 2000 like for $3, but if that can bring you $$$ or at least you can get $3. It’s a good deal. But if not, just create a great content, and get like naturally. :wink:

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yes, it works. Just go up slowly.

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I think there are too much risk with buying likes. It’s a visible and easily detectable pattern when a lot of “people” like your photos. It can work but it’s against their terms of services. I wouldn’t do it. :slight_smile:


Any idea on good websites to buy powerlikes? Thanks!!

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any good place to try out these power likes?


Sure you do…if you buy them.
Quite a funny topic to be discovering this morning.
I was just in the feed for a local hashtag I use and notice a pretty damn average pic in the top 9. And then clicking into it further found out it’s a local restaurant I know of. And then clicking further into their account to find out what was going on:
They’ve got just over 1000 followers
A few weeks ago they were averaging 30 or so likes and 1 comment if they were lucky.
Then all of a sudden over night their average likes jumped up to over 1000 in an instant and 100s of randomly generic comments.
I dug a little further into the comments and found tons of accounts with only 1 or 2 pics against the account…looked so damn dodgy.

I feel bad for the restaurant, they’ve probably asked someone to manage their account that is promising fame and glory, but it’s so obvious. I can’t see how they’re not going to get banned.


I would also like to know where you can buy power likes.

I’ve been buying 500-1000 likes on every photo for a few clients I manage and they consistently are able to hit the top posts section of pretty much and mid-size hashtag they want. (Unclear if they hit explore too…hard to tell!)

Would love to experiment with power likes :slight_smile:

I’ve personally just begun to let my accounts grow naturally instead of doing all of that. I personally think it gets the job done better in the long run. But that’s just me though.


Englishdubb, we all hate those spam comments, however, IG algorithm seems to favor a ton of engagement from higher authority accounts within 10 minutes of posting, so if getting to the explorer page speeds up the process of getting REAL followers and Real comments and engagement, why not go that route? Going that route gets you a TON more real followers than growing it naturally, in most cases. Getting to the explorer page will give you ALOT of eyeballs… FACTS.

powerlines do, if fast enough and enough of them in a short time. I see accounts with 1.2k followers have 100k likes on a post. ( some big ass pages and many of them in the likes) .one this is constant. the post content itself must be viral material else people just ignore it and it fades off fast.


Hey! Where did you buy the powerlikes?

I do the rounds on telegram and have my clients do the same and they are getting on explorer pages all the time. its time consuming but the do get results since many accounts with 20k plus are doing the same list.

out of curiosity, how big are the rounds? And do you only like or also comment?

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i only do the likes, one day of rounds usually nets about 1200-1300 likes and then since it posted within 15 minutes before the round starts, the account gets on the explorer page. it a nice little extra service i provide to my clients.

are you giving & receiving 1,200 likes (manually)? That’s a lot of likes in a day, didn’t realize you could still like so much.

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