Buying scraped results vs using scrapers - M/S Strategy

Hello everyone!

I am trying to make Jarvee work for my OnlyFans Management Agency. Gladly I’ve found my old login to Jarvee to be able to use it as I was ALWAYS in love with the software but was really complicated, complex and overwhelming for me to properly make it work. Now, I really want to give it a go and I prepared 10 slaves for 1 model account to test and tune-up.

I have a few questions and any replies to them would mean a lot to me. I just found out this forum and it seems amazing! Been reading articles for past 2 hours so I decided to make this thread.

  1. Do you think that Jarvee (if you have access to) is one of the best softwares for Instagram Automation out there? I know that there are others and many in the OFM industry are using others for Instagram, but as far as I’ve been asking around and reading, nothing beats Jarvee (if you can make it properly work)

  2. I bought a list of 320k people scraped from a guy I know using a Russian bot. This list was made especially for me using my own targets and filters. What is the downside to this? Because as far as I see, everyone is having issues with scrapers and buying list of scrapes of scraping with churn-and-burn accounts/softwares leads to better results in my opinion. I won’t share any other software so you don’t think I’m here to shill another bot, but I’m just curious.

For scraper accounts you need proxies, settings etc and all they do just send the end list of users to slaves. With a bought list, you already have the users to do actions on, so you just plug-in and play? I am trying to think why not everyone is doing mass scrapes with other software followed by slaves doing the actions on those lists.

  1. Is Instagram M/S method still working in 2023? I know Instagram pushed many updates and its not as easy as before, but are there people still pulling this off with good results?

Thank you! Will bookmark this thread and constantly checking it for replies.

  1. Let’s say “Yes” if you’re experienced (with some limitations too) - “No” if not.

  2. Whatever can scrape & filter correctly, use it if you don’t have your own automation / tools.

  3. Still working strong, yes. You may need to adapt for every niche / accounts / and overall Instagram updates, thus why there are not many people doing it as today. You have to test it depending on these factors and tweak it to your advantages :wink:

  1. Yes Jarvee is still a beast due to its many features. However there are some current issues that only vets will be able to push through.

  2. Imo scraping with jarvee is the best way as you can test and its the main advantage jarvee has over everything else. However atm you are right scrapers will die if you do not have the right setup. Scraping has become a lot more expensive.

  3. Yes it stil works but its a lot more expensive to run and there will be times where IG changes something and it will cause havoc till you figure it out. This will happen on any IG bot though.

Thank you for your reply! I’ve been seeing you posting and giving advice all over the place, so huge respect and appreciation to you! Same to @heroeslair, both of you are doing an amazing job here!

I have a few questions if you guys would want to help me out. I’ve been talking with Jarvee support over email for the past month, we’ve done over 80 mails back and forth lol, I really want to make Jarvee work the best I can and I’m closer everyday.

  1. Jarvee support told me to use Scrapers to “divert” API calls, but I don’t see how this is possible in my case. I have the list already ready, I don’t need anymore scraping. I just want for my accounts to go and follow those exact people. Why I need scrapers anymore? And if I still need scrapers, how am I supposed to use them in my setup since I have the list of targets already? I put the scraper in there and what’s his job? How he can “divert” API calls from main accounts? If I have user X and it needs to be followed by one of my slave accounts, what is the purpose of the Scraper in this case? (keeping in mind that the whole list is filtered out)

The list is 100% ready, no need to scrape or do anything to it. What’s the purpose of scrapers here and how can I make them work if needed? This is really weird for me as I see things way way simpler:

Accounts A → search user x → Press Follow

this action flow is being done with and without scrapers, you still have to go to the user x profile to press follow, so what’s the purpose of the Scraper anymore???

  1. I am trying to build up a farm for my OFM agency, to direct traffic to my main IG accounts via slaves. Is there anyway one of you guys would want to help me out set this thing up? I have done pretty much everything but I still have questions (my mind wants to understand everything cause in the case of break, I gotta fix it).

If you want to talk more, my telegram is: @estalecs, I would highly highly appreciate someone over an instant message app to discuss more. Maybe we can all get something out of this.

I know how much valuable your time is cause I’ve been reading threads here and you 2 are pretty much the only ones knowing what’s what, so I thought in asking…

Thank you!

So, even with specific users you will still have api calls being done. Checking the account, syncing, checking dms, new followers, checking if account is alive etc. If you let the main do this then it adds risk. If you dont want to do it, then just dont add them and see how tbey handle it. Best way to learn is to test in small amounts.

I don’t get it… Isn’t these API calls performed anyway?
Are the scraper accounts doing anything else beside scraping? If yes, what and how?

I don’t need to check DMs etc, all I need to do is follow X, Like a post form Y and view stories, that’s all…

These actions are performed ANYWAY by slave accounts, so what’s the difference if you add a scraper or you dont?

I’d just buy. Scraping is like a whole business itself. The only downside is the time delay.

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

1/ Usually you’ll need scrapers to protect your child accounts on Jarvee - it’s better. But let’s say it, you don’t have to do that everywhere. About JV, I don’t use it since so many years - so can’t say much what’s the current best way (except running dedicated scrapers).

2/ Sadly, I do not do consulting, already too many clients to take care of - automation has a price but also time cost, and no one (even with consulting) will be able to shortcut it for you. A lot of time and dedication will be needed, you have to plan to study for months, minimum (but these skills are very important once you master them).

Yeah, especially this place, it’s a small world :smile: A few dinosaures here and there…

It should not. But I’ve seen users complaining about API calls made out of nothing - not sure why.

If you have an already scraped list (and you won’t need to apply filters directly on JV) - then forget about this scraper story. Yes, scrapers are only needed if you don’t have your scraped list, or need to filter it :slight_smile:

the world of social media automation is dynamic, and what works today may not work tomorrow due to platform changes and updates. Always keep up with the latest best practices, and don’t hesitate to seek advice from experts in the field to adapt to the evolving landscape. Good luck with your OnlyFans Management Agency, and feel free to ask any more questions you may have!