Calling all Affiliate geeks - Help with Affiliate Offer

Hey guys,

besides my activities with here :stuck_out_tongue: , I am working as a marketing manager for a company that accelerates in Shopify businesses.
I am looking to set up an Affiliate Program and I am trying to define a good price point at which hopefully many of you would be interested to promote the products. I have no experience myself with Affiliate Marketing, so I am looking for some help of some of you who are deeply involved with the topic.
We are selling products in different smaller niches mostly in the range of 10-30$. I would offer 10% of Purchase Revenue for the Lead, directly through Shopify.
Our product pages are designed very well and provide Customer video reviews, multiple videos about the product, extensive description & regular text reviews. We also have quality content on our blog for that niche.

Would you guys consider that a good offer or what other factors define an attractive Affiliate offer for you?
Do you guys prefer to use Affiliate Networks since you have multiple options accumulated in one place or do you rather use direct programs to not give away shares of your profit?

I am not going to provide a direct link to our store publicly but if you are interested shoot me a message and I’ll hook you up.

Looking forward to some feedback :slight_smile:

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Direct offers are good but your percentage is very low i personally dont touch aff offers unless there around either 50% comission or £5 to £7 cpa