Can anyone explain this SEO + PPC Hack? $50 a Day Method

So found this while browsing BHW and I can not make any sense of it. Was wondering if anyone here could maybe explain it better?

"Method: Make $50/day without any effort

Choose finance keywords with >$50 CPC.

Write a few blog posts and apply for adsense ads.

Once you get approved, people start visiting your posts and click ads.

You just need to rank your post to get over $50 per click.

You can get as high as $500 per click.

You can write more posts and makeup to $10k per day. "

I can not seem to understand what they are doing or how this could ever make $50 much less 10k a day.

Any thoughts?

What is it that you do not understand?

Write blog posts with Adsense ads.
Find a way to rank in Google so you will get free traffic.
Hope that people click on your $50 ads.

The only problem is ranking in Google. The reason that people want to pay $50 for a click to their website is probably because it is hard to rank for this subject.

It is for sure not without effort. Also, to get approved for Google Adsense you need more than “a few blog posts”.


I have yet to see a method that can actually guarantee something. OP, something to learn: no business or method will ever generate a set (guaranteed) amount.

This CPC (cost per click) is usually given for Google text ads placed at the top of SERP when people search for this term on Google, not for Adsense clicks (which are clicks generated on banners placed on a website).

Writing a few blog posts can take a few days, but applying for adsense can be a difficult process. Here’s from Google:

This statement misses one important thing: how are you going to get your customers (user acquisition)? With SEO it can take months before you rank. While with paid ads, it could cost you… $50 (as per CPC you mentioned).

More easy to say it than to done it.

If the method creator would’ve had success with this method, do you think he would want more competition and other people ranking articles in this niche?

In your (method creator) dreams buddy… in your dreams…

You are perfectly correct in not understanding because this method is not something real, is a hypothetical example.

While everything posted can be done, the success rate of actually reaching these numbers is very low.

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exactly what i thought when i posted this thank you