Can anyone please help me restore my Instagram Page? Any suggestions?

I have more than 1 Million Followers and just yesterday I noticed my page was gone. I appealed it twice so far and got the message that my IG page is disabled for violating community guidelines.

My IG page is so important to me and I use it for so many things. I’ll really appreciate the help!

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maybe you can read this thread

A lot of people are experiencing error messages when trying to submit that form via desktop, not sure if this is an ig update or the system is down but Im having issues as well as 7 or 8 other people I’ve spoken to

yes me too. i think we just need to be relax and wait. im sure, we can reactivate soon.

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Same problème for me with french account. One 990 000 followers and second with 550 000. I’m waiting since 5 days but no answer. Don’t worry

Just telling you my 990000 followers account have been reactivate.
Be patient and stay cool. I have wait 5 days

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Just appeal again and again.

Did you already send them a picture with a personal code?

Have you ever received a request from someone telling that some picture was his own ?
What kind of content do you post ? Frequence ?
Ask another mail with photo and code and answer them.
I already had the case where I was told that the account was definitively deactivated and after several mail and photo sent the accounts were reactivated.

Same here, I keep getting that picture. I appealed for the third time yesterday and now waiting for their response.

What did you do exactly?

I’m getting the same error, a lot of users are getting this error message but other users are still able to send in appeals, not sure what it means

You can keep appealing until they tell you specifically that your account CANNOT be recovered. As long as they keep saying “your account has been disabled” and nothing else, just keep appealing. Some people have found luck appealing from different devices, etc. Read around on the forums here, and good luck!

They’ve told me they can not recover my account before and still ended up recovering it… I think the issue now is that people are having trouble submitting the appeal form

Did you ever get those reports/takedowns on your account?

My appeals through app and desktop will submit, I still don’t get any replies from Instagram staff though

Yes, Usually a copyright report.

So you say you post pics of yourself and body. Let me guess, adult video star? Internet model?

Do you click “let us know” and fill out the appeal?

Good luck getting that back. I hate to say it, but they are prudes at IG. When you violate something as egregious as copyright, or use banned words etc and stuff like that, it’s very hard to come back from.

I cannot even count the number of internet models, porn stars etc that come here and do what you are doing, and not a single one has reported that they got their account back.

A better and more viable option would be to have a professional get you back up and running, and secure a few extra backup accounts for you, as well as get your accounts growing again.

That would be a better use of your time since obviously your IG is a revenue center for you.

No offense, but thats just my observations.


I know plenty of adult models/public figures that lost their pages and still recovered them months later. I promoted a few of them and lost my page as well but my page has been recovered 15/16 times. This time seems to be the hardest, I’m hoping they haven’t changed their system… Usually as long as you remain persistent they will give it back