can anyone tell me how does works?

how does fiverr works?
is it suitable for a beginner who wants to enter in digital marketing?

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what are you looking for exactly? do you want to be hired or you want to hire users? try to give us more details?

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i want to be a seller.

You just offer your services in there. the hard part is to build your REP. it might take you some time.

Depending on your skills, list your gig there. Before listing your gig there it’s advisable to do a research in your niche and offer something unique or provide some extra value. This way you’ll get a higher chance to start selling on build your reputation.

make a good profile with many good references and try to contact older users with more experience that way they will start giving you projects that you will work on you get 50% they get 50% and you will grow your experience and profile and at the right time you will start having your own assignments.