Can I have two niches on the same Pinterest?

I like animation and investing. I already grew this pinterest decently in the animation niche. I want to share my love of building wealth too. Can I make pins for both? If so, how should I go about doing it?

You could. But you can also create another account specifically tailored for the investing niche.

If you want to stay with the actual account, the username will not reflect the investing niche, your bio description is also not doing this, and by altering to reflect on two very different niches will make it look messy, ppl may get drawn away because of it.

However, you can create different boards for the investing niche, and by posting good content with lots of consistency, you may get some audience in that field too.

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I can change the username and bio so it doesn’t seem so messy. I will use my instagram bio so it doesn’t seem so confusing. I want to work with one instagram account because less management the better :sweat_smile:

Well, from my personal experience i think that is better to have one niche Pinterest account, you don’t want to confuse or chase away your existing followers, some of them might not like Investing stuff and vice versa so i think it’s better to separate

I see what you mean. However, I don’t want to be trapped in a box with the content I post. If I can just balance out the two niches. Keep them in separate boards, it’ll give me more control, freedom, and peace of mind.
(Animation) and (Investing)

sure, there is no harm in testing, just make sure to keep an eye on the engagement and account growth in case of any increasing of decreasing.

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Create a business account for each niche. Its free. Easy management !! All under one personal account. Audience only sees the business account its pinned under so u keep up the quality and ur metrics

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I manage 3 niche on my pinterest profile but I have different board for every niche. Here is a look for My Pinterest account.

Hi, Pinterest algorithm shows users pins according to their browings habbits along with the types of boards on their profiles. Also known as the picked for you pins option.

Users will only see pins, topics and categories that they are interested in even if they are your followers.
In my experience, you can share as many topics on your pinterest profile as you like and still get a lot of traffic no matter your audience.

As long as tou name your boards correctly according to topics and add the right descriptions to your boards and pins, your pins will get found and indexed for the right audience.

Followers dont really matter on pinterest like other platforms so my answer is yes, you can add other topics to your profile. In fact, the more the better.

After years of using and teaching pinterest, i have found that nicheing down will get your account and website banned for duplicate content.

This is because of the not soo good spam filters put in place to fight spam on the platform.

Unfortunately, these filters are not as advanced as googles filters to detect quality over quantity when it comes to related content.

This is why soo many accounts are getting banned or caught up in updates. I had an account with over 100 boards in all the different categories on pinterest with over 50k followers for 4 years.

Everything was okay and my traffic was over 600k monthly viewers, as soon as I niched down, created content and changed my boards to fit my niche, my account and website link got banned in less than 3 months.

I tried again and again with other sites that I own and guess what, it happened to all of them. The only accounts I have on pinterest still working are the ones with many different categories and topics.

I also did some research and found that most of the aged accounts on pinterest that are still active and getting traffic are the ones with tons of different categories.

Go ahead and add as many topics to your profile as you possible can and create content for those topics and you should be fine.

I teach pinterest on youtube and you guys can find all of my tutorials for free just by searching for lifestylingspace.

While you can do anything you want, you have to consider first if these two niches are relevant one to another.

What I mean is: do your followers from Niche 1 will be interested in the content from Niche 2?

I don’t see the similarity between the two, but you can actually create an Investing animation account (all content is related to investing, but instead of pictures, you use animations).

Are your accounts business or personal? I wonder if it’s common for personal accounts to have many different interests but they expect business accounts to be more niche relevant.

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