Can Instagram detect manual scraping?

Lets say you’re manually copying usernames, could IG detect that?

by copying the usernames manually, do you mean like checking the followers of a certain user, then manually highlighting the names one by one and CTRL + C plus CTRL + V?

If you are copying the links it should be ok. Clicking the link or profile can cause issues if done in mass

Copying the usernames is fine, but visiting too many profiles especially those that you don’t follow might lead to a block on your account.

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I’ve done it in the past and never had any particular issues.

Yes. Copy pasting to a document.

Visiting too many profiles or copying the usernames?

you can copy as many usernames as you want no issues there, just avoid doing only that on the account you never know what IG might be hiding in their algo.

But can it detect?

will you do it on desktop? I think doing it there will be safer compared to doing it on the IG app… the IG app does not really let you copy the usernames but you can do that on desktop… I don’t think the copy paste action will be detected… If it did, then it would have given an alert that copy and paste actions are restricted, there were websites in the past which did that.

I do it in the web browser.

Yeah, I agree. I think Copy/Paste isn’t the problem. Visiting that many accounts could be considered suspicious but I don’t think it will cause any issues.

Following people does cause issues. Following 20 people manually through the day is enough to get me an action block that does nothing.

I’ve never had a problem other than generally making too many actions on the app in a certain timeframe. A soft block and a bit of cooldown fixed that.

not that I know of, I never heard anybody getting blocked or verified when copying usernames, I do that most of the time I never had any issue.

I get action blocks after following a certain number of people(usually 20-30) through the day, and i’m also forced to enter a code they send to my mail and change my password. The action block appears only on mobile app and does nothing. It simply pops up when i visit a profile, for 24 hours, but doesn’t stop me from doing anything.

action blocks when following are normal, but not blocks should happen if you copy usernames.

But these action blocks don’t block shit

I’m sorry, do you mean that nothing is really blocked on the account when you get action blocks?

For action blocks, this basically tells you that you are not allowed to perform certain actions without IG giving a specific timeframe of how long will that last. From your previous response, do you mean that the action block lasts 24 hrs only then you are able to do actions again immediately after?

Automating copying and pasting will not get you into any trouble what you might have problem with is loging into those accounts on public proxies or single device.