Can M/S hurt main account?

Hello! I’m doing manual M/S with 3 slaves, about 200 follows a day on one and 100-150 likes on another two using mobile network. I’ve got light action block on one slave, it’s gone on another day, I decreased actions, it’s been going fine. And today I’ve got same block on my main account this morning, after trying to like one post. I’ve been doing F/UF on my main account before and sometimes hit blocks, so now it’s been resting for a couple of weeks, just doing light regular actions browsing, watching stories, liking friends.

I read here that M/S method with 2-3 slaves is going fine on mobile network while I can’t afford good proxy. So can M/S really hurt main account or it’s some strange coincidence?

Sorry for such stupid question, I’m just a dumb newbie :frowning:

Really depends,how are you redirecting traffic from your slaves to the main?

One mention of main account in slaves bio, like “follow my main account @“ and that’s all

Do you have your slave accounts on a different IP?

How are you managing your slaves and main account?

IP is the same from mobile network, ( but it’s dynamic and changing a bit from connection to connection) maybe it’s a problem…
Just switching via accounts in app, working from one device

You got it wrong,your main account didn’t get blocked because of the Mother Slave being caught but it got blocked because you were going aggresive on the other two accounts on the same device.

It happened with me some months ago,where one of my accounts got blocked on a device due to aggresive settings and I wasn’t able to do any actions on any other accounts on the same device,I guess they block the device or maybe IP as a temporary block.

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thank you very much for explaining! So I should try on another device, on which I’m not using main account? Really hope that network address is not the case because I can’t change it xD

Yeah you should use another devices for accounts you want to go aggresive on,using it on the same device as a main account will limit your main acccount too without any reason just because you went aggresive on the other accounts on the same device.

Hope this helps,Thanks.

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Thank you again! It’s very helpful! Can Instagram do some kind of forever low trust score for IP? I’ve been hitting hard blocks for a long time ago on my home wi fi network and still pretty scared to use it for any actions more active than browsing and rare likes

It can, if you link those accounts together with fingerprints. Mother-Slave itself, no.

Celebrities use it to grow their accounts faster. They make fan pages and then just merge them.


M/S no. Automating on the main - yes. Automating all accounts on the same device - yes.

Keep in mind that most people that do M/S don’t automate the main. Also, it’s hard to distinguish if M/S is actually working.


It is,I am currently doing Mother Slave for 100 accounts and it’s perfectly working.

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Are you guys straight scraping accounts to follow with childs or you use scrapers for childs then you follow/ dm them with a link to main?

i have like 5000 slaves , im doing it from long time , i dont think my main account ever got block because of this , we dont do any actions at all on main accounts, you direct traffic using bio or dms? i


Thank you for answering, I’m using just link of main account in bio

How many slaves I can use in one network? For example if I have 2 devices with 2 slaves on each device, and they are connected to one network is it possible or it’s still will look spammy for IG? Without automation, only manual

actually i have team who do manual actions for me on those slave accounts, many of them have 5 slaves per phone , we never do this with client account only with slaves, so i dont think you will have any problem with that

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what do you mean by link so its not mentioned like this @instagram* ?

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with 49 slaves on one phone, posting only on them – no problems. the problem comes into play when one account ( be it 2 accounts on the phone or more) does to many actions – the device itself gets flagged not the accounts. with that said – even if those same acounts go to another device, they still carry the legacy flags from the device itself. every one of my slaves often say ‘go follow @mymain

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Oh sorry, I wrote it wrong, I meant mention @accountname