Can scrapers/slaves live forever if you take good care of them?

I’ve posted this on a similar forum but barely got an answer, people on MPsocial seem to be more open to helping, so here it goes :sweat_smile:

My budget is relatively small and I’ve already lost a few $$ by testing, but that’s ok because I gain experience. I’ve been buying phone/email verified accounts for cheap, and using a dedicated proxy for each (IPv6). Since I’ve lost a few of them already, and I’ve been limiting my actions more and more, in hopes of making them live as long as possible.

Would you say it’s possible to not get disabled? I’ve calculated my costs and it’d be cheaper for me to maintain alive 500 scrapers/slaves doing 10 actions per day than buying 10 scrapers/slaves daily for 50 actions and get them disabled (where I’ll be buying again and again and again). :man_shrugging:

Please note that the numbers above are random, I just wanted to show you what I mean.

Basically my question is this, are there any chances of Instagram not disabling or asking for a verification if I take it as low as possible?

I know that 4G proxies are the best and there’s no denying on that, but since I’m planning on managing a very high number of accounts I’d need to:

  • Buy 50+ rotating 4Gs (even more if I plan on getting more accounts)
  • Perform my actions, wait for rotation , then perform again , which is time consuming and hard to manage if your account pool is large.

I don’t know if it’s allowed to mention my IPv6 vendor here, if it is I’ll be happy to edit this, could the vendor be the issue my accounts get disabled?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Short Answer: No
Long answer: Maybe, it depends. Have a read on this thread: Scrapers burning to hell

I’ve been doing some extensive testing with a variety of methods and so far didn’t see luck in this. Some people claim it works for them, but without proof I find it hard to believe and not been able to replicate the results. Seems even on 4g good proxy you can expect about 500api calls per slave regardless if you extend it to several days or even weeks.

I ran a small test of 10 scrapers at 90 API calls per day versus 10 at 300 calls per day. I found no benefit, they died just as quickly. So I decided to use cheap scrapers, run them hot (300 calls max) and replace them as needed.

Ipv6 sucks now. I’ve lost $$$$ testing. 4G all the way.

if it’s not 4g we don’t take it into consideration. there is no point.


Before yes my scrappers get captcha and it’s annoying but after testing. My 10 scrappers never get captcha and disable :slight_smile:

Not all subnets are made equal? What IPv6 range did you test? /64?

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what’s a subnet range?

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Yes, /64 . It was working for months and months on ipv6 fine up until December, suddenly all of my scrapers were dieing aggressively even on unreasonably strict settings (like 1 API call every 5 seconds max) still dieing.

I’m convinced there was some sort of update, because I had 15 x /64 subnets all no longer working.

I even messaged the 2 providers I use to refresh IP’s… still bans rolling in.

Strangely enough though I can create accounts on them without Captcha…

Anyway, for scraping I swapped to 4G, no issue, no deaths using API only


/64 is to small. One /64 is like one IPv4. Were they all in the same /64 or maybe /48?

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Answer is no. They would die eventually. Its 2021, IG is playing its game. We need to give up a notion that they can live forever if we do some magical settings. There is no magic, we need to adjust to patches IG made and move on, a lot of people here would agree to this.
Coming to proxies- It does not make a huge difference for scrappers. Of course they will live a little long on 4G but not forever. Good ipv6 /29 will do well.
My recommendation to scrapping would be buy churn and burn scrappers, scrap as much as you can while your scrapper are alive and throw it away.

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say if i have a list of 10000 usernames, all ready to go.

I create scraper, main account uses EB only. Technically I load all the usernames into the main, and only use this scraper for API calls, it should lower the API Calls correct? making the scraper last longer whether with DC, ipv4, ipv6 or 4g?

I think it’s relevant to share experience on max api calls. Because during times like now (lockdown) it should be fine to use residential proxies because phones of standard users would be in wifi networks all the time anyway.

Not sure. They were in different countries. 50 IP’s from each country, when I checked 2 of them were /64. So i’m assuming they all are. But I’m guessing proxy providers opt for doing it the cheapest possible way… :roll_eyes:

Since I make my own 4G, I actually have a guide on how to create your own ipv6 subnets, but I don’t know if I can be bothered to get into leasing and warming up subnets… I don’t really have the infrastructure either.

So at the moment, every provider I have tried is not suitable.

There is one site I am looking at… v6proxies… but I am not quite at that scale yet to pay their prices. But it looks good, $400 package gives 4000 ipv6 addresses with 1 IP from each /64 and /48

Update: I actually just found a Russian site that sells USA ipv6 /32 . This could be good I will try it out

those bloody Russians… Always 2 steps ahead when it comes to IG stuff lol


PM me the IPs and I will be able to tell you.

Nothing changed on that front since 2-3 years to be honest.

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