Scrapers burning to hell

Hey guys, does anyone have any tips on keeping scrapers alive longer. I have lost over 250 in the last two days, coming from multiple sources.

Any api limits etc that you recommend?
Obviously the ones I have been using don’t work anymore


You’re over-thinking this. /s

I’m interested in this topic, for reasons.

Omg 250 in 48 hours :frowning: Are you scraping for accounts and Emails or for Scraper/Main method?

do you know where I can buy scrapers? Can’t seen to get any to verify and always asks for email verification. Havent been able to find anywhere that I can buy any that come with email


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Scraping for m/s setup
Got hit with a captcha wave

I make my own

You can get scrapers in the Marketplace section of MP (click here).

you’re right something is happening

Yeah tried them all, still same thing. Tried tux, project1 etc. Pretty sure they make the accounts the same way as I, based on the usernames they use

What a wave!!!

What is your mains/slaves to scrapers ratio?

Btw are you using the new EB scraping when this wave hits you?

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Never heard of EB scraping, is this new?
its around 3:1 ratio atm, it was 5:1 till Iost a hundred or sp last week, hard to keep up with making scrapers when i’m trying to add more slaves at the same time

Are you using emails to make the scrapers? Are they still getting hit? Did you try using partial API emulation?

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how many API calls your scrapers do per day? can you share your API limits because 250 in 48 is a lot something is not right in your setup? are you using a lot of filters when scraping? and yes Jarvee added a new option to scrape using EB.

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What about your proxies? Do you use same proxies? How many scrapers you use per proxy?
You can try using scraping with the embedded browser where possible option that was added recently.

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I had the same problem a few weeks ago. I’m using Henry Cooper mobile proxies and tried scrapers from 4-5 different people. All were shut down either immediately or within 24 hours. They were getting captchas even at super low settings. I’m not sure what to do now.

Open a ticket with my staff, Alex might be able to help you out.

What kind of accounts are those?

I’m been using raw mobiles with only 5 scrapers per mobile. I opened a ticket and was told that it’s an issue with my scrapers and not the proxy so I gave up. :man_shrugging:t2: