Can somebody advise me the tool where I can create many accounts?

Hey, can someone advise me a tool where I can create 30 accounts and fill them with posts and somehow chat from these?

I would like to say Jarvee, Global Tools -> IG Create Accounts.

But Highly Recommended Create Accounts on Mobile Apps like human use!

and you can chat from accounts from Jarvee right?

Yup, you can use contact tool or direct message to chat easily
Should Read about some features:


thank you mate!

and last question can you work through phone as well

What do you mean bro?

I mean you can only work in jayvee through pc or you can set follow unfollow from phone as well ?

Hi I think you should take a look this topic

With your question, you can manage your accounts from VPS by phone and pc as well.
But It’s hard too mange and setting on phone!

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It’s always better to create then manually then warm them up after a few days in Jarvee, accounts created by bots sometimes get flagged forever and even after you grow them up they close them at high numbers.

thank you! and your opinion is it effective selling 500-1000$ offers through dms? does it work?

You have to have a very specific niche that NEEDS your product, I’ve made more money with a decent account that has 12k followers than one that has 180k because the niche is perfectly targeted and the content is aligned.

Jarvee - Global Tools - IG Create Accounts as @Gaevintt said.

Creating accounts this way has not been spoken about in this forum from what I can find so I assume it’s not suggested.
Why is it not suggested?

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Jarvee IG account creator creates accounts through api or EB?

As I know, EB bro

I give it a test tonight.

Cant get it to work…