Can someone help promote our charity project please using their social media

I hope you are all well and staying safe.
Our charity runs essential food and supply delivery and collection services for the most vulnerable people. We need help promoting our Gofundme page.
I know many people on this forum have access to a large number of alias accounts with a large number of followers. We have distributed over 10,000 meals in only a couple of months due to the generosity of so many people. I am hoping some of you can help here. I am not sure I can send the link for our details on this forum. If you are willing to help I can send you more details. I am begging you all for your support so that we help thousands of people.
Thank you in advance

Thread unlisted.

Please send me a PM with link to your website, gofundme link, and any other details that can prove that you’re doing charity work.


Thank you for replying
Can I send it on this discussion as well so people know it is legitimate.

OK. Thank you, got the PM.
Thread listed again, feel free to post your links.

Thank you.
Here is the link:

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We had a similar GFM here in Texas. They actually raised the money and were ready to buy the vehicle. Before they went to buy, a U-haul store donated a used van to them. Might look into that, as they can write it as a tax write off.

Did share for you !

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Best of luck, do you guys haven an IG page?

thanks for your advice, we have tried approaching over 50 companies. no luck so far

Our instagram is
Please anyone who has access to large number of social media accounts if someone can help that would be amazing