Can someone recommend VPS

Hiya, I currently run my MP on my computer 24/7. My computer is burning :rofl:

Need a different solution and thinking of VPS.

I tried it in the past (free AWS first year), it was soooooooo ridiculous slow. Really annoys me when I am testing with my settings

Can anyone recommend a good VPS (along with tutorials would be fab) that is not super slow and cost-efficient?

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Get this 🔥 WINDOWS SERVERS - Virtual Dedicated Server starting from 25€ / Month! - AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 2990WX + DDR4 + NVMe!

Should be a really good deal


If you are running many accounts on MP hetzner is the best:

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Yep, Hetzner is unbeatable. No VPS provider that wishes to earn money and is not overselling can compete (most likely they get their Dedicated for the VMs there too)
On the server auction, server start at 30$, with a shit-load more RAM and CPU power than any of the VPS providers.
For around 50$ you get a server that has an integrated GPU ( can be used for speeding up EB), NVME disks and 64GB RAM

You can even save on the 20$/month Windows fees if you know how or ask someone who knows :grin:

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If you have enough money, Hetzner should be the best option, Contabo is cheaper option that should work fine well, but try to search on the forum what providers were users recommending.

Can I suggest two more options (I used both of these VPS providers, one some time ago and the other one I am using it now).

One service that I still use is Hostwinds - a hosting provider that sells also Windows VPS.

And a service that I used before is GreenCloud VPS (although I haven’t used them in a couple of years).

Also, you can look around for datacenter VPS providers from outside US (usually they are cheaper) and if you will use proxies for your accounts, nobody will know the real location of your VPS.