Can someone write a guide about affiliate marketing WITH examples?

[TL;DR: Can you write a guide about making money with AFFILIATE LINKS, on IG/FB/TW/Others, WITH REAL EXAMPLES of the links/LPs/domains, for people that have already set up their accounts, warmed them up, set up MP etc.]

I’m not a newbie, and I’ve read a million posts on this forum, on the MP fb group, and on BHW. But I always want to learn more from other peoples’ experience.

Most of the guides go into details about setting up the accounts, settings for MP etc.
But when they get to the actual business (i.e. posting the affiliate links, landing pages, etc.), they can’t give examples, because they don’t want to give details about their domains/niches etc.

All of this is totally acceptable.

But is there anyone willing to write a guide WITH examples?
Doesn’t matter if they use their own links/LPs/domains, or examples of other people that they came across.

Doesn’t matter if you do it on IG, FB, Twitter, whatever.
But please: skip the part of setting up the accounts, warming them up, settings on MP etc.
Just write a guide about the 2nd part: How do you take affiliate links (doesn’t matter what example you take: amazon or whatever, but I’m talking about affiliate links and not giveaways or drop shipping or other ways to make money), and set that part up.
Are you posting the affiliate links themselves? examples…
Are you posting a LP? examples…
Are you using a blog with actual stuff that you write? examples…
I think you get the point: Whatever you are doing, on whatever network, please show some real examples so that we can learn.

Anyone up for the challenge?

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Im optimistic that someone will write a guide like that in the future.

However, those who are running successful campaigns will be hesitant to share what they are doing but as i said, I’m optimistic. :joy:


You mean pessimistic :wink:

Im very positive :innocent::innocent::innocent:

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Me too. That’s why I believe someone WILL take this challenge, and use other peoples’ examples.