Can Twitter give a little Compassion in this time?

Can Twitter give a little compassion in this time? and allow people who have unjustifiably due to no fault of their own had their accounts compromised or banned . People that have gone to lengths to prove they are the rightful owners should be given their accounts back

Did you have any recent issues with Twitter? something that we can help with?

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Hi Luca,

Thanks for being so kind as to offer to help, but i have been unable to get back into my Twitter account, now coming up to 2 years. It was compromised on a few occasions . When it happened , Twitter would always ask to confirm my email address and my account was reinstated. But the last time it was compromised , they sent a verification to my email address- which was also compromised. I went to tremedous lengths to prove that i was the rightful owner of the page, but Twitter continued to be unhelpful and awkward. My page is still visible but the hacker has removed all the people that i have followed. I have appealed to Twitter several times and all of the times they will send me on a wild goose chase and questioned them about the ID of the hacker, but all they can say was the hacker was unrelated to Twitter. I even posted in Reddit and someone tried to help , but again Twitter was such a pig!
I am so upset and frustrated about it all because i spent so much time ( 5 years) and effort creating the page and enjoyed meeting other people who have expressed their appreciation. I have unfortunately lost touch with my followers . I tried to create another page - which was immediately taken down within a few minutes of creating it . For some unknown reason they get a sick sadistic pleasure with shadowbanning me.
And BTW this was not intending to be a spam post as i have experienced problems with both my Twitter and my instagram account.

I understand, but since they keep removing your new created pages and accounts you must be doing something against their policy… or they blacklisted your IP address so no matter how many accounts you create they will keep removing them.

The IP /VPN i used for Twitter was not the same for Instagram. I was with a different provider when i was with Twitter . I joined Instagram 4 years after joining Twitter and by then i had moved from a new provider so the IP address was not the reason and like i said , my Twitter account was compromised . My Instagram account was immediately deleted - no reason given . As for saying that i went against their policy. I made sure that i followed the rules . For example , my manipulated art when was featured on my Instagram page - all permissions was given and i made sure i screenshot this to confirm it on the page

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You can try again using some good residential proxies, warm up the accounts slowly and work your way up from there, i have seen some similar cases like that but those users were able to create accounts after a while using residential proxies and changed a few stuff…

If i were to go back on Twitter , i would want it to continue to be along the lines of the same theme…Infact- No! i would want my old account to be reinstated. I had devoted a lot of time and effort into creating the page and do not like the idea of starting all over - only to have Twitter block my page yet again.

The concerning thing about it all is that Twitter knows who had comprised my account but failed to do everything possible to ensure i obtain my account back and the hacker blocked. Someone told me on Blackworld they feel that my page was sold and the hacker chose my account to show examples of accounts she/he could hack. They had deleted all my followers but allow the page to remain. I dont know if there is any truth in what i was told on Blackworld , but i would not rule it out.
Twitter has stupid preventative measures in place. For a start- the user name on their account is visible to any potential hackers. All they need to do is type in the username and then make several attempts to log in. Absolutely stupid.

I have sadly been a victim of shadowbanning on Twitter - so no matter what i will continue to be blocked by them

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Yes, I understand your frustration I hope things will get better :+1:

Thanks Luca :kissing_closed_eyes:

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