Can you grow Ig profile purely using hashtags?


Is it possible today to grow an Instagram profile only using hashtags without any other method?

And what is good, putting 30 hashtags or 11 as someone is recommended?

Yes but the content have to be extremly good and it will take multiple year to have 1k

WE use method because to rank in hashtags+ explore you need a minimum Amont of likes / engagement / watch Time etc

An account start to grow " alone " in a range of 3 to 6k ~ good followers

Except if your content IS extremly valuable and everyone share It, it will be hard
Or you have other account to push il

It will be impossible

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why would you want to do that, it will take a very long time to gain a few followers, I would recommend using multiple strategies to grow your Instagram account especially nowadays where everything is becoming harder.

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Let me share some results we get from hashtags.
And we use much more than 30 hashtags. For example in this post we used 175 hashtags.

Did you place the hashtags in the caption or the first comment? Do you use the same set of hashtags on the other posts?

can you give us more details about your work strategy?

We place hashtags in hidden comments. And we use different sets of hashtags for each post.

We’re spending a lot of time to find appropriate hashtags, and use them accordingly to the post content, and auditory. That’s what our customers pay us for mainly

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Seems great… now m applying this on my page too for manual growth
Yes diffently it take lot of time to do this. Appreciated


how do you hide the hashtags in the comment?

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Hashtags and explorer! But I only notice a boost the bigger the account gets. Havn’t noticed much with my accounts under 10k


First you place any comment, then you reply to it with up to 30 hashtags, then you delete the first comment. As a result you have hashtags in a comment that is present, but not visible


We got reach with hashtags over 100K on the accounts that had less than 1000 followers. Just need a good set of hashtags, and good content

I tried but it says too many hashtags?

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You should not have more than 30 hashtags at once (including those in the caption, if you have any)

I struggle with this.

I get good explore reach (100k to 500k) and almost nothing from hashtags (unless they’re being counted under some other section). I even use proper ladders etc.

Interesting. Are the hashtags hidden in the comments posted from the Original Account? I’ve tried to post additional comments before, however, they were blocked for the following warning:

I’m interested to know how you went about it without getting that block @TonyYakovlev

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Yeah I think they are in other. As its starts off listing hashtags and once explorer takes over it disapears

I’ve answered it here: Can you grow Ig profile purely using hashtags? - #12 by TonyYakovlev

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I tried to reply to my comment with hashtags and then delete the comment.

I do not see my posts inside those hashtags that were inside my reply anymore.

I am confused a bit.

Do you mean that you use 30 hashtags, keep the post with those 30 hashtags and then after a while deleting those hashtags and add new ones?


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