Can you recover an account that got disabled for impersonation?

Has anyone been able to recover an account that got disabled for impersonation?

I’m trying to help a friend whose account got disabled for impersonation. It’s a fanbase account with more than 65k followers.

We have tried submitting this form and used multiple emails (gmail with (dot) method).

I’m wondering what else we can try.

Is it a good idea to ask other people to submit that form? So, they will send their own selfie but they will enter my friend’s account username here:

The celebrity whom she dedicates the account for is willing to help send a selfie if it’s needed.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Sorry for bumping this thread.

My friend made a new account, but the new account got disabled again yesterday.

Just wondering if anyone has successfully recovered an account that was disabled for the same reason.

Should she keep trying to appeal manually?

Has anyone tried this service and got their account back?

Yes, you friend can do it. Read here:
This method helped me a year ago. Many operators said that they could not help me, but only the THIRTEENTH helped me. We must not give up and in no case be rude to them. Good luck!

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Thank you! I appreciate your help. I’m going to try that method.

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yes we can help - we have media support

was the account verified?

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You can Recover every account you got disabled,
It’s a question of consistency :slight_smile:

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With the facebook panel you easy get your page back

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What is Facebook panel? I have no idea what it is. Is it a different method than the one mentioned by @Jade?

No, the account is not verified. Could you please PM me how much it costs? And how long is the process? Thank you

I’ve just tried this method. I chatted with one of their supports, and he asked me submit the same form I’ve submitted many times. He asked me to be a little more patient and said IG may take a long time to respond because of COVID-19.

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Did you find any solution . I losted my 50k account for 3 month now :weary:

Unfortunately, no… they ask me to be more patient and just wait for IG’s response. :unamused: my friend gave up already and made a new account (her 3rd account).

I am scary to create another account and grow it then ig will disable them like that :dizzy_face:

Why did IG disable your account? Was it because of copyright issue? or was your account reported for impersonation too?