Can you use fake followers to crush someone else?

My client keeps on using paid promotions from scammers. Which retweet his content 2000 times, give him a bunch of fake followers.

Everytime he does that, his engagement drops.

Which led me thinking…can you actually spend 5$ to give someone else 10k followers just to ruin their engagement?

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On the same note, I am kinda tired to keep on telling him that he got scammed.

I feel like, since I am the only one who is telling him the truth, he will eventually get mad at me for constantly pointing out his mistakes, and would stop working with me rather then getting rid of his yes man team.

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Probably not with this amount of money, but with a constant influx of accounts that will not engage with the content, the reach should definitely drop over time. But if your client is already denying the truth, he will probably see it as a good thing that he gets so many followers and that you were “wrong”.

Just don’t waste your energy on such clients. In the long run, it is not worth the trouble. You probably know the saying: If You Seek Revenge You Should Dig Two Graves.

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Thanks for the reply Henry.

One thing I would add is that, my client is not denying the truth. He actually asks me about it most of the time. He doesn’t deny it.

So with that being said, I just don’t know if I should keep telling him or just go with the flow, keep my head down and keep on getting paid.

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If the client does not really trust you, it is hard to go - for him - unknown marketing paths or ways he is not fully convinced of. If you run an agency, such clients normally ask for a lot of trouble. Maybe it is worth convincing him on another traffic source first that is easier for him to comprehend where you can build trust with the client. Marketing is like an investment and for someone to invest into you, they need to trust you or atleast need to be convinced of the idea.

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I don’t know about the price, but someone made a topic about how their competitors were sending fake followers Sending Fake Followers to an Instagram Account

There was one user recently reporting here on the forum that he is getting huge number of fake followers which was giving him hard time since it was ruining business for this client. Now, it’s up to you to decide how you will proceed further, but I would definitely try to convince my clients not to do this and invest in some other segment.