Can you use your mobile as a proxy?

Hi all! I literally just found this forum (via a YTer) and I’m super happy to have done so. I’ve grown an instagram account to 25k in a few months mostly experimenting and figuring things out by myself.

I wish I would have known about this forum earlier!

I’ve been hit for the first time with an AC - I can see this is wide spread. It happened just as I accidentally used my Insta on my phone as my bot was working.

So I was thinking - is there a way for your mobile internet to serve as proxy for the bot so that you can use your phone at the same time? Does that even work?

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Hi, I’m also interested in creating something similar.
I found this information in the forum

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Thank you, I’ll have a look

Yes, you can. Just plug in your phone to PC or Note and turn in the Router mode - so your phone began to share the internet.
And don’t forget to turn off your WiFi on the phone :wink:

Thank you! The issue I’m trying to solve however is to be able to use the program on the go. So that only works when I’m at home. Also, imagine the internet charges if your computer downloads a large update :confounded:

yes, we have done it before, works really good actually

turn on hotspot via your phone and connect from the PC

Well, you can limit large files so your windows wont download them, as for the Instagram actions - it really wont take as much.

On the “to go” part. I know there is a video on Tube for about 15-20 minutes on how to make your own mobile proxys at home, without registration or sms :sweat_smile:

I personnaly connect a dongle with a SIM card but i guess you can just hotspot or plug your phone connexion yeah :slightly_smiling_face: