Cheap way of creating your own 4G signal (UK Advice)

Hi all. First of all, this method works great if you are botting using your own computer but you can also use this with a VPS too.

Firstly buy a MIFI Router/Dongle, here is an example of one:

Next, you need a sim card to go into it. You will either need an unlimited plan, or a special plan such as the network provider VOXI, who include unlimited social media with every package they offer! (Including the £10 option.)

Here are two offers which are fairly cheap and offer lots of data:

Next, you want to connect your laptop or computer you are running your software on and connect to the router, and thats that.

If you are using a VPS, you can create a proxy from this MIFI router/dongle by using a raspberry pi, tutorial here: Using your home IP as a residential proxy with a Raspbery

Or, you can use the program CCProxy, which you can get here for free:

For other countries, its a similar if not the same process, however the network providers will just be different.


im using 4g mobile create by my self but still get block.almost 90% get Hit


What are your settings? API or EB? How old is the account and has it been action blocked many times?

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follow max 200/day and like 150/day . using api and eb still blocked

Use warm up settings after resting and doing manual actions for a week.

yeah still blocked

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Also using 4g proxies, but also get temp blocks time to time

Not sure then man, you account might be flagged/have a low trust score. Maybe rest it for a while.

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Temp blocks are normal man, just lower your settings a bit and rest for a little while. What 4G proxies are you using?

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Using my own 4g proxy. Yes i think i should lower some settings and worm up some accs again.


Thanks for this guide! It seems that it’s again time to use Linux.


No worries man, any questions just ask :slight_smile:


you get block too sometimes?

Every now and again, usually from my settings becoming a bit too aggressive and me getting carried away.

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Ive had good success with multiple dongles on a pc.


Thank you for this information, can you give us your settings for the warm up?

I think theres a thread somewhere on here with some on.

search for

“god-like” settings in search button :slight_smile:


but its basically tl;dr
first 3-5 days story views
6th day onwards follows (dont push too hard 10-20 a day) and slowly build up over time

I personally do Likes at round day 10 + unfollows and DMs.

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How many accounts do you manage at one time? Do you have your own 4g proxy?
Do you get temp blocks by doing so? By how much do you increase the daily range? Are you following 200 / day?