Cannot reach follow limit on pinterest

I have 20 pinterest accounts and all of them have 8 to 15 target accounts to follow. All sources have more than 10k followers, so you could expect that the organic growth of one of these target accounts is about 50 people per day or more.

I always follow the 50 most recent followers of target accounts and it worked like a charm for about a week, but the last few days I couldn’t get enough people to follow. Most of my accounts couldn’t reach their follow-limit of 500 people per day. Not even close!

What could be the reason for this sudden drop?

Are you still using the same follow sources?

I am still using the same sources.

Well that could be the issue as Mass Planner will need to scroll more and more to find new users to follow. The best idea would be to set up new follow sources.

But Mass Planner shouldn’t scroll further down.

As far as I understand, it should only follow max. 50 most recent followers of a target account per day. If the target account gained only 30 followers on a day, mass planner shouldn’t scroll down, it should only follow 30 people.

All of my target accounts have over 10k followers. A account of this size should gain at least 30 follower per day organically.

Beside that, it worked well for a week, so you could expect that mass planner finds enough accounts to follow.

Any other suggestions beside changing the sources? @Said

8 x 30 = 240 and if you are following the same sources in all your accounts and setting Mass Planner not to follow the same user from multiple accounts it will be way less than that.

I allow mass planner to follow the same users over different accounts and some of my accounts did less than 100 follows while having 10 target sources.

Maybe I should increase the target sources to 20 - 25 accounts…

I will give it a try and come back if I have further problems.

Thanks Said!