Can't Post or Remix Reels?

Hello all. My sister is having issues with her main account for a long time now.

She tried re-installing logging in out & reporting the issue. She can view reels but she can’t post reels or remix. Any idea why?

She only uses 1 account that’s at least +5 years old and she has purchased followers before. When she created a new account she can post reels but she doesn’t want to start over.

Is she using Jarvee to post reels? If yes, check if she’s USING ONLY THE EMBEDDED BROWSER, that option does not allow publishing videos.

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What is she using to post her reels? Also are she getting errors when she tried to post? If yes, what error is she getting?

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she doesnt use jarvee or any automation

the option doesnt show up

Has your sister tried logging in to the account with another phone and see if she can find the option to post reels there? If using another phone doesn’t work, I would suggest she stop reinstalling the app, and wait a few days, I remember having this before when I just bought a new phone, the option appeared after a few days.

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Did the option show up?

Thanks for sharing @maddy1. Very useful thread.