Lost reels? New install of IG might help

Last week my upload froze on IG – just hanging screen. So I rebooted the phone and one account lost reels. I could not get it back. Tried 2 times with delete insta – re install accounts on new Insta download. Reels gone!. Got at back after this – this might help you.

  1. Delete insta, re install. Add the account that lost reels, create a new account with email and confirm. then go into the account with the lost reels – and go into explore – hit a reel feed. often top right – there you should see the add button, press it. Baam – reels back.
    This may work for you, it may not – for me I got it back.

Thanks for sharing these, it could help some users if they encountered the same issue. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch on IG?

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Thanks for sharing Alexnvo :pray: Someone will surely benefit out of it.

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very helpful Alex, thanks for the share :+1: :+1: