Child Mom (Mom/Slave) Strategy Doubt?

Hello! I’m trying Adult IG Marketing these days. But, I do have some question about the Child/Mom Strategy.

I am currently warming up multiple accounts of chicks with photos and trying to gain some followers and likes on it.

But, as I’m reading on forum. People have been doing Child Mom Strategy too.

Any idea, How I should approach with the mom account?

Like, What should be the topic of the mom account?


Child mom sounds a bit creepy, I think people call it mother slave.

If the main profile is a hot chick upload pics of her and tag her on the child accs


Haha, Yeah people call it master/slave too. It’s all different name to be honest but mean same.

If the main profile is a hot chick upload pics of her and tag her on the child accs

Anyways, What would you do in the slave account?

And, What to do if the chick account is the slave? What to do with main?


Main acc will receive the follows of all the horny guys who wonder who that girl is


Haha. Okay. So basically, I can make a main-account just like slave account right?

100 Hot Chicks (Slave) —> 10 Hot Chick (Mom) -----> Monetization (DM/Bio Link)

This is what you meant to say?

Yes, that’s about it. Find 100 hot chicks, 10 hot moms and make money.

There’s heaps of stuff about M/S method, search around.

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Yeah, I’m trying to learn. If you can share some thread yourself would be awesome to start with.

Have you searched yourself though? There’s been quite a lot of topics about it. Perhaps it has been on Level 2 though if you’re not able to see that then I apologise.

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Yeah, That’s the reason I’m not able to see them. I’m Level 1 right now. Missing a lot of content to be honest. :frowning:

This was the first option that came up hah :slight_smile:


I was actually searching mom child. Bad Keyword. :frowning:

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Yeah, use Mother Slave, or M/S - that kind of thing, or otherwise Mother Child gets used (not mom). I’d prefer Mother Child myself too since it’s a bit less hardcore than slaves haha.


Haha. True that. :slight_smile:

Pretty funny The way you said it :joy::sweat_smile:

LOL I read somewhere that there was a guy who invented a new whole method called " Soldier and Army Method". I am not sure if his method is new, but the name sounds really cool haha


Its BrazilianBusinessman. He has thread over at BHW on this method :slight_smile:

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Is it slightly different or just the same strategy only with the different name?

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I would say that it’s the same strategy, as when I asked him about it, he claimed that it was unique and blablabla. But, to be honest, as far as he sais in that thread, he is doing what everyone else is doing: reposting, F/U, comments and likes.

You can’t do anything else haha

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I couldn’t find a big difference to the “classic” approach to be honest. From what I understand he is changing things up in the account creation process. But I cant get a clear image on what he means with this:

Child X Soldier - Reality results
While Child method can barely F/UF and DM others
Soldier method can sustain F/UF, DM, Repost, Intra Targeted Comments, Intra Targeted Reply, Intrusive Non Pattern Clickbait and other unique things

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Please don’t call it child mom it’s disturbing