Client account got hacked - user not found

hey, guys, my client got a mail on Gmail like this and they clicked on the link and entered the login details and then told me about all this i told them to change the password asap but till then their account was logged out from the phone and the username is not being found on it anymore.

when we are tried to log in it says user not found.

what can be done now? is there any way to get it back?

the user id and unique name from mp can help somehow to detect the account?

should I use the unban form and see?

help needed please fucked up client got phished and now I have to solve the issues

You better delete the message before some people take inspiration from it.

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okay i removed the image for the sake of what you said but the client is paranoid that the account is lost.

He should report that it was hacked, the same form that is used for reviving accounts after ban.
Hurry up before they take too many actions, you will need date of hacking, email used for creating the account and info what device was used to create it

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hey can you tell me what options do i have to select?

same process given here or something diff?

Can you send me the picture of that email, it happend long time ago on few of my clients also. Might be the same person

i have the links of their posts and i am opening them it says Sorry, this page isn’t available.

hey guys i have found the profile they have changed the username and password the posts and everything is still the same how can we get the account back?

Your client got, what I call “survival of the fittest’d”.

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I recommend you to write down the user_id so you can keep tracking the account for future purposes.

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hey yes I have the userid of the account. can you tell me how to find a profile username via userid?

I am finding the profile via tagged posts as of now to see what they’re changing the username.

The first thing the smarter hackers do is change email (to something that’s different in the middle so the beginning and end look the send because IG mask out middle part when you try to recover the account) and username/password.


hey not able to find profile via this link i tried replacing the userid with the text

can you screenshot me what you get when you try to access the link (including the url you use, I just want to make sure you did it correctly)

it says

{“message”: “useragent mismatch”, “status”: “fail”}

sorry, I totally forgot IG changed something last month so you need to fake useragent to get the api request to work. It’s slightly complicated to explain how to get around that. Since you just need to do. this one time, just give me the userid and I will do it for you, it will be faster.

hey for now i have the profile if i need to find a profile via username i’ll msg you for sure

Was your acc recovered?

You can contact IG support with original details used for creating the account for 1st time. they will help you to recover the account i think.