Client - T-Shirt Shop - How to grow on Instagram?

Hello I have 3 people who want to grow on Instagram with an tshirt online shop.

But this is such a broad niche and I don’t know who/where i can interact with the „target group“

Does anyone have a tip how to grow a tshirt shop on instagram?

The T-Shirts have a specific style? (eg: Surf, Internet Memes, Rock …)

Shoutouts would be your first choice if not instagram ads.

Not really, they are all general shirt stores with all kinds of niches like hiking, football,…

Yes i think this is the only way :thinking:

very competitive niche

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Really saturated niche, we have a few clients on it, the only way they managed to survive is to have a few accounts, one per category of T-shirts, grow those accounts with legit followers, basically creating a network. Other way, very expensive, is to go with Ads, but the profit margins for T-shirts are so low that most of guys out there don’t do it.

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Niche is too saturated, try finding a niche which is not saturated grow multiple instagrams on it and try selling t shirts there.

Nothing is actually saturated if you know how to sell it.


“saturated” means there is money to make change your perspective :wink:


@bakedcookie @JoeSocials I agree but to sell in “SATURATED” niches you’d have to be much better than almost everyone there I have been doing ecommerce for almost 2 years now and I still do not even try “Saturated” niches .

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I would suggest getting some models with large followings, then send them the t-shirts for free and ask them to post them wearing the t-shirts on their Instagram accounts tagging your account in the post and stories. This would help grow alot!

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Not having a target audience is a big problem.

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The problem usually with these ‘tshirt shops’ is that there is so many and ad wise you’ll have a hard time especially when you look around seeing the same trash basic nonsense content flying around clogging up all the ads space.

The biggest factor for these shops/clients will be the content or you’ll have lost already. No influencer or ad will save you or help you grow.

If you think that’s check marked you can go to step 2. If not you’ll probably never be able to grow it at all. And dont fool yourself with this honestly. Average wont cut it, above average wont cut it, only really good will cut it. If there isnt at least 1 professional person making content for it specifically i dont see it grow at all in the current IG climate

Also if you’re unaware of the client target you might want to wait accepting those clients or the tshirt shop might be just one of the many. Usually a good tshirt shop or brand has an exact niche or age group.


You are wrong my friend, that you know how to sell doesn’t change the fact that a business niche is saturated. Can you sell there? of course you can but you will have to share it with too many other businesses so your profits will much lower than in a non-saturated one due to the fact that you will have to spend more to reach your buyers.

It’s still very doable my friend. You just have to know how @IGsocialize. The profits arent depending on your competitors. It’s fully dependent on your own product and your marketing. Marketing isnt only botting. That’s a tool to spread it aswell. Your profits are dependent on the over saturated market if your product and marketing is as average as your ‘competitor’.


I will remove the “very” and anything is “doable”

@IGsocialize Well it’s still very doable/profitable. To each their own. Speaking from experience. You can leave the very out for yourself if that suits you :slight_smile: The issue is that the emphansize is 99% on botting these days and if even 1% on the actual product, the idea, content, … This is why for most this business is difficult and not profittable.

But back to the topic and to the OP, judging by your own words and questions it’s gonna be difficult. If you start a topic like that it seems like either the brand or you are still not sure about what you’re gonna advertise (with ads or botting). That’s one of your first steps.

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I was never talking about botting or any other method of promotion, I was talking in general, who wants to get into a super difficult market? Find other more profitable.
e-commerce doesn’t differ of the traditional in this aspect.

Well each has their own preference. Again it’s very profitable and not less profitable than others if you do it properly. But if you gonna do make yet another quote tshirt shop putting out adds yeah sure dont expect a penny.

Turn it how you like, fashion is HIGHLY profitable. Period.

Edit: you have to specialize in it i feel to see it being profitable. If you do all kinds of client management it’s hard to dive into it deep enough to make it very profitably.

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