Client wants 30 accounts on up and up

Hi guys,

I’ve been reading the forums and trying stuff on my personal account for 4 years now, so I know the basics. Never tried automation full out though.

A new corporate client wants me to setup and control 30 IG accounts from their offices. Since its a corporate client I dont think I can loose any accounts, theyd probably be mad. Also, they have an IT department, so no installing proxies myself.

Is there any possible way to do this without proxies? Besides 6 phones with 5 accounts each. I will use Later or Buffer to plan posts, and they offer plans up to 50 accounts or whatever, but how do I stay safe without proxies or devices? Is it possible?

I wont do too many actions per day. Manual engagement on mother account and 3 sub accounts, all other accounts will be niche slave accounts with only posts and little other actions.

Thank you!

I have read a lot in this forum, so don’t feel like you need to tell me the basics. I just need to be certain since its a new big client, kinda nervous.

In this case, a good corporate client will provide the necessary infrastructure to make this work.

Do you mind me asking how they define “control”?

There’s very little detail on what you’re being asked to do to help out. Usually, if you will be “running actions” by some means, the client needs to know the risks involved and the terms of service - both yours and Instagram’s.


Thanks for your response.
Its a whole new set up for the company. I think they will provide me with what I ask for, Im just not sure exactly what to ask for.

I’ll be doing everything manually.

So Im mostly wondering about setting up the accounts and posting.

The way I see it based on what I know, is that I either ask for 6 iphones (which I dont want to do) or ask for proxies (which Im not sure they will let me do), so Im wondering if there is another way, just for setting up the accounts and posting.

Why would you do it manually? Just use Jarvee… Explain that they can either get you proxies for $4 or phones for $150. I think I know what they want.

Is Jarvee really 100% safe though?

Nothing is 100% safe but if you use quality proxies and warm up the accounts, using any automation software should be fine.

ok great thanks

Create that many accounts and attempt a “trial run”, mimicking everything you will be doing with those accounts. You’ll very quickly find what you should ask for :smile:

If you have any experience with automation software, give it a shot. If you don’t, I’d suggest you learn more, understand the risks and experiment with the limits before getting your client on it.

Alternatively, if you are going manual, you can ask for a powerful Samsung phone. You can run 6 instances of Instagram with the Knox secure folder and parallel space. That equipment money could go into paying you for your time.

To do this, you have to

  1. Enable the secure folder,
  2. Download parallel space and parallel space lite
  3. Install Instagram in both,
  4. Clone the Instagram app and both parallel space apps.
  5. Install Instagram in both apps in the secure folder

That’s about 30 accounts, but you might experience some lag over time. I have used this setup for a batch of test accounts for over a year and have experienced 0 problems aside from a few lags here and there.

This is not to say you won’t have any problems using this method, different things work for different people, and I encourage you to experiment to find what works best for you.


Thank you!! This is so helpful!!

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Yeah I’m with Grumm on this one. Why wouldn’t they want you to use proxies/ software?
Not only would it cost less for them, but it’s just so much more powerful what you can do with MP/ Jarvee. But I guess you did mention you wont be doing that many actions.

And as for your fear of losing accounts, these days getting unbanned isn’t as hard as it used to be. Check Henry’s solid guide, always works for me.

Of course you wouldn’t want to be banned in the first place, but just knowing you can ‘fix’ it might hopefully ease your mind.


If you never ran more than 5 accounts automation might be much more troublesome besides what other people say. Play with your own accounts first if it means risking your job. Loosing accounts is part of the game and it will almost certainly happen. Especially if you’re new.

Read @Alexnvo posts, he is doing good job managing ~30 accounts with little automation.

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I use little automation becuase I grew with automation and no longer needed it. Running 2 or more accounts with no automation is tough – automate to grow big until you no longer need it


thanks. I might switch to automation if it is going super slowly after a month or so. I plan to use automation for posting though.