Clients for IG Management

Hello guys.

I have been managing local client accounts on a small scale for 2 years now.

I used to do it manually and I recently started with automation.
In fact it was smack in the middle of action block storm.
But since I knew how to grow accounts manually, I did not find it difficult to replicate that in automation.
I guess I was lucky, the block wave did not affect me. I was follow blocked in 1 account but it came back to normal after 3 days.

Anyway I think it is time for me to scale up and I have a few questions I would like to know answers of.
I will be grateful if anyone can answer these questions.

What is your favorite method of getting the clients for IG management.
What do you keep in mind when you set up your profile/website?
How do you break the ice?
How do you close the client?

I use LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to get most of my clients.

I have specific sales campaigns I run through LinkedIn.
On Facebook, I connect with my targeted audience and show them client results in posts and talk about it.

I close the client on value > cost. Always. I don’t push anyone to work with us.


I would say take the time to automate DMs, set up simple landing page where you can easily collect new Client data. From there a simple call works and alllows you to gain trust with potential client aswell as go over goals and any questions they might have.


Cold calling.
Here’s a great post about it


On Facebook you connect with them as in you add them as friends?
Or do you post on groups giving value?

This sounds like something I could do.
What kind of people (or niche) should I target?

Have you tried it?
I feel really uncomfortable thinking about cold calls.