Clients keep getting 'Compromised' Message - Proxies

Hi friends! My clients keep getting compromised message and have to change passwords. I have a already changed the proxies and use High Proxies.

Can someone tell me the best proxies and the step by step process to set up the account without it getting flagged?

I know there are other threads on this but haven’t seen anyone come up with a bullet proof solution unless I’m missing it.


HP - its a DC proxies, probably that’s why u got some issues. Currently, the best proxies are mobile/residential.
If u want to switch the proxy, your have to follow the basics steps: move the account to the new proxy, verify the account, rest it for 24 hours, start the warming process with new proxy

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Hi Verona! Do you recommend adding account first to IP and then verifying on mobile proxy?

What is the best place to get the mobile proxy?

Insert new proxy and sign it to the account…
Let it rest 24-48 hrs
start warming with very low settings

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dont make the mistake that I made using highproxies / dc proxies for clients
Some clients got banned and they were business accounts with nightmode and easy settings

You have to make usain bolt to new proxies we recommend you 4g mobile proxies

how @Val_Vini said put them on the new proxies rest them and start a slow warm up (2-4 weeks) this time you could give your clients for free and told them that your optimize your system

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Can anyone in here recommend 4g mobile proxies

You will find them here: