[CLOSED] ☕ Brandon Berner's Coffee Fund ☕

My go to is the 12-grain bagel :slight_smile:

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Someone needs fiber in their diet :stuck_out_tongue:

Bagel’s are so unhealthy regardless of 12 grains, so I go for the worst of the evils and eat less :slight_smile:

enjoy your coffee mate … thx for the awesome content you create here to teach us … .



Hey!!! I should be listed twice!

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Hahaha, picky, picky, picky :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Now!?

If not, remember, you are first in the list. Just be glad I am not ranking it by the amount of the donations :smiley:

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Thanks @jensiboy for the coffee! Much appreciated :smiley:

@Adnan x2
@PortraitPhotography x2

For all those that have contributed to my coffee fund, I have a little thank you gift.

Any of you who want to promote your website, business, or anything else, just send me a PM and I will add it beside your name in the List Of Awesomeness on www.BrandonsCoffeeFund.com


I have an idea, promote the Coffee Fund thread there and you will be getting twice what you are getting now:

Rince and Repeat == Unlimited Coffee for life.

I know I’m a Genius :joy:


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BAHAHAHA, I dont even know how to respond to that one.

…stick to your day job my friend :smiley:

Here it goes, my first donation! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope to make more soon with the profits :punch::wink:

Thanks man!


Thanks @Entrepreneur for the coffee :slight_smile:

Much appreciated :smiley:

Best of luck with making more profits! You got this!

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I wonder how much @BrandonBerner has garnered here…

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…I was wondering when this question would come up just the other day :smiley:


Lol today I was thinking the same :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and I put my ass on the line that somehow you get even more value back rather than donations… and I hope that’s the way it is because I don’t think the donations are enough for you even to go to Starbucks :joy: and let’s not talk about smoking hahahah

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@BrandonBerner is doing great work for all of us, when I finally break even after all money I lost I’ll buy him great coffee.

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True, since a gourmet Starbucks coffee is $5+ each

However I have been lately sticking with the $1 McDonalds Large Coffee (buy 7 get 1 free), or the Tim Horton’s $2 Large Coffee (Roll-Up-The-Rim Prizes). So far solely on donations :smiley:

As for smoking, I get most of what I need for free :smiley:

I was thinking about setting up a www.BrandonsWeedFoundation.com :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the kind words @flickDesign! I’m cheering for you to break even and more!

on my life I was thinking randomly when I was just day dreaming today lol. Crazy coinsidence, I’d feel obligated to give to the weed fund :joy:[quote=“BrandonBerner, post:36, topic:5683”]
I was thinking about setting up a www.BrandonsWeedFoundation.com :stuck_out_tongue:

Next thing you know that kid with the “Help me make $40-60K” will have his own www.helpmemake40kforcocaine.com fund.


YES :joy: LOL fucking awesome