[CLOSED] ☕ Brandon Berner's Coffee Fund ☕

##I Am No Longer Accepting Donations

Lately I have been receiving lots of messages from forum members wanting to pay me to answer their questions, or want to buy me a cup of coffee or beer for my contribution on this forum.

After many requests, I have finally created a donation page for those who want to encourage my coffee addiction by donating any amount of their choosing. All proceeds will go directly to Tim Horton’s and the occasional gourmet Statbucks beverage.

If my answers have helped you by expanding your creativity, saving you money or time, or if you just want to buy me a coffee…well then go right ahead! :smiley:

My contribution on the forum will always remain free of charge, so there is absolutely NO obligation!

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

You, my friend, are genius. I don’t know how many coffees you can buy there for the amount I sent you, but here, you could get almost 4 :smiley:


Hahaha! Awesome! Thanks @Adnan :slight_smile:

WEWHOO! My first donation :smiley:

It’s not much, but it’s a start :smiley:

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I’'ll take it :smiley:

A few less coffees to buy!

Also…If I buy enough coffees I might win a 2017 Honda Civic or an LG 65" TV thanks to Tim Horton’s Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-Win hahaha!

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If you win their $5000 prepaid Visa Card, you’re obligated to send me 1K. I invested in you :smiley:

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ABSOLUTELY! …you can increase your chances of winning if you want to invest more :wink:


Good one :smiley:

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I could send you a bag of my fresh roasted beans :joy:

I see, but NO :stuck_out_tongue: I was getting paid very well as a judge and you ruined it, otherwise you would have received $xxx from me today :smiley:

…The moment when you cant determine whether or not @ian roasts his own coffee beans as a hobby, is just being funny or sexual.

I will respond to all 3 possibilities :slight_smile:

[Genuine] Hell Yea! I’ll take you up on that offer!

[Funny]…Haha your funny!

[Sexual] I prefer not to taste your “Fresh Roasted Beans”

PS: I genuinely make my own Beef Jerky :D SO DAMN GOOD!

I roast my own coffee beans (and brew beer too, but that’s another story). Anyway, I’m a coffee snob. Also, for comedy sake, I love when people smell my fresh beans.

Have never tried beef jerky, but I really should. Making some fruit leather right now, so the process would be pretty similar I bet.


Oh thats awesome! What made you start roasting your own coffee beans? Is it really that much different in taste (im prepared for a snobby remark…“Well DUH”).

Are you a light, medium, or dark roast guy?

Home Brewing is something I was going to start doing (Still planning on it). Im a big fan of beer (Lagers & IPA’s) and white wine. I have been collecting bottles up for a while now.

Haha go figure! You are just like me …A TOTAL FOODIE! You should try making beef jerky. Its a great snack for when you are in a rush, or just a snack whenever. I can never get enough meat and protein :slight_smile: . As for the similarities, its a bit more difficult as you need to watch your temperatures, and different spices will change the drying time. I made beef chips accidentally and they were actually quite tasty. I do the sliced steak method, and also the ground beef method. The ground beef method is awesome since you can combine so many great mouth-watering flavors. The grounded beef method is just as tough in texture, however its much easier to bite a small piece off.

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Lol I like it already, you my friend are simply awesome ×2 :grinning::grinning::grinning: donation coming soon


That means so much! Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

This is going to sound cheesy, but your pretty awesome yourself!


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If you can taste different flavor profiles from different kinds of coffee you buy, then you’d be able to tell the difference. Every bean from every region, farm, growing season, how they process them, varies… and you can approach those differences if you pay attention, like wine snobs describing different flavor notes and what not.

I just like that it’s fresh, from a local farmer usually fair trade, and much cheaper. A 5lb bag of green beans is like ~$30 for really high quality stuff, and it’ll last me 3 months. General like a lighter roast, between city and full city, you can sort of taste the region :joy_cat:

Beer is totally worth the investment, I’m way overboard and my apartment is 1/5th brewery equipment. Lagers are harder to make at home, but ales are pretty easy at any temperature range.

One day I’ll try jerky, didn’t know you could do all those things. Oven in my apartment is shit so it would be tough to monitor temps effectively.

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Makes complete sense. I probably will not be able to taste much of a difference compared to you with your matured palette. You are going to hate me for saying this, however I actually love McDonald’s coffee the most with lots of cream and sugar hahaha. I am also a big fan of Folgers :smiley: I do absolutely hate Maxwell House though it taste like sour shit (not that I know how that tastes).

Wow thats a much lower cost for high quality coffee. Im shocked you like a lighter roast, since I would assume a darker roast would have a full body flavor. I like lighter roast since it has more caffeine :smiley:

Bahaha! You are totally invested if 20% of your living area is brewery equipment. I had no clue it was harder to make Lagers. Not a fan of ales, so I guess I am more or less out of luck. I may just go to a Micro Brewery with 144 bottles and get them to brew me my own batch of Lagers then. In Canada beer is $2.50/bottle, $20-$30/12 pack on average. Getting it made at a Micro Brewery costs $0.30/bottle, $3.6/12 pack (its a no brainier)

The sky is the limit with beef jerky. Practically any seasoning will flavor them perfectly.

As for temperatures, its harder in an oven. I just use a Dehydrator which costs $50-$100 and they work perfectly. Jerky is done in 5-8 hours. You can also make fruit leathers, healthy chips by dehydrating any type of vegetable and misting olive oil, or coconut oil on them. They will remain in their raw form also (depending on your temps) which still tastes damn good, and you get all the vitamins. Kale Chips, Zucchini Chips, Eggplant Chips, Yam or Sweet Potato Chips, Carrot Chips, and so much more great healthy snack foods to go along with your Beer :slight_smile:

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Donated enough for a coffee AND a bonus bagle or a box of Timbits :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much @MojoJojo I really apreciate the support :smiley:

BOY oh BOY! 3in1 Timbits for the win! and the Cheese Bagel with butter is the bomb!