Closing Clients & Then Outsourcing Work To Someone On Fiverr SMMA

I am in the beginning stages of starting a local SMMA that’ll help my clients grow their Instagram pages.

I also will be providing content creation as well. I will be using Jarvee of course to grow their pages.

I am sorta knowledgeable of how to grow pages via Jarvee but I have room for more learning (thank God for this forum). My area of expertise is sales though.

I was looking into simply closing the clients and then outsourcing the work to a freelancer on Fiverr and keeping the profits after paying them for their service.

Sorta like an Expedia business model type of agency. If I were to do this (which I haven’t decided yet)

Do you guys think it would be a good idea and should I inform my clients that I wouldn’t directly be doing the work but just outsourcing it to one of my “employees?”

I would love to hear any & every thought on this topic. This is my first post in the forum I’m eager to hear the feedback.

Thanks in advance for the time spent by anyone who replies to this question!


let me get this straight, ya going to get clients to grow – then outsource them? please I hope you are not going to just flush your clients accounts down the toilet like that.


I mean… that’s the whole idea of all of this right?

if you arent creating a business to eventually remove yourself from (the day to day process’ at least) you are just creating a job for yourself.

This is generally a great idea, instead of going to fiverr or upwork outsource i would hire from the phillipeans i dont remember the name of the site but its been around in threads i can try and find it, ive heard great things about them being cheap and harder working than most people on fiverr and upwork and if you can teach someone to do the menial tasks it would help you in working on your business not in it just create a general protocol for what you do when onboarding accounts, warming them up etc…

after that it is true passive income


I wouldn’t hope so either I think hes planning on getting clients and eventually outsourcing it, in doing so I would just train someone to do it instead of leaving all my clients accounts in some random fiverr gig persons hands

that being said how long does it really take to set up and manage client accounts

How would I flush them down the toilet if I find a quality person to outsource the work to?

I didn’t look at it that way.

Thanks for your feeback btw, I am just exploring options right now.

I will most likely grow the accounts myself.

But if at anytime I want to outsource, how would it be “flushing down the toilet” if its:

A. Someone I taught everything I knew to
B. A well educated fiverr freelancer

Enlighten me please

also what sources did you do to learn sales, recently picked up sandlers 49 rules and you can teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar. I love talking sales

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remember, the client needs to give the password to be effective. Yeah, hire somebody and and say here. you grow - here is the password … please don’t change email and take over the account.


IMO, you really ought to learn the in’s and out’s of the business, especially the back end work.


somebody with skills needed would NOT be on fiver –


Thanks for your input mate!

You touched along the lines of how I was thinking…

If you could find the link or point me into that direction It’ll be much appreciated.

I haven’t heard of that method at all. Thanks for the tip

I use sandler methods as well.

Its a very effective method indeed

you play with peoples lives when you grow accounts on some cases – they depend on it. Sometimes to eat a meal off their plate. ( It happens, I grow a account for a lady who sells thrift store clothes from her site as her only income, doing well too.) I cringe at this thought.
Also you may not care, if done wrong – account becomes toast if treated bad.


who the hell is sandler? a youtube ‘guru’?

No, hes actually passed away now but hes been around since the early 90s…

I just have his books on selling if you have ever skimmed through sam ovens or other gurus smma courses they all pretty much teach similar tactics most of them are actually sandlers principles, you know dan lok? yeah thats pretty much rebranded Sandler

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Books and life are worlds apart. what worked back then, often does not work today.


learn how to grow some on your own. then, you will see. you want to hire for something ya still need to learn. then from there, you can make a good quality educated choice.

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its a selling system, they aren’t scripts or word for word iterations its just general principles and a system to selling

I do understand that nothing teaches you more than real life practice but having a system behind you is a great way to jump start the learning curve

life does not work that way. system break upon another doing it becuase it is not them

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all in all I would listen to you above anyone else, seeing your threads and constant proof of growing accounts insanely fast you contribute and seem to know more than anyone sharing us golden tidbits in level 1

I learned all my stuff in level one. I was once a newbie too, with 32 followers my first day – all from going to my facebook friends – hey, follow my ass over there in insta…