Coffee Addicts Unite!

Hey I’m looking to start this thread in order to discuss the best coffee brews in regards to:

  1. Energy (Most Caffeine)
  2. Flavor
  3. Best Coffee spots/shops

Personally I love stronger dark coffee as i need the energy for my workouts and use it as a pre-workout.


Oat Milk latte with a shot of hazelnut from Costa is the one for me.

All about that dairy-free goodness


Doing intermittent fasting, it’s great to improve metabolism and energy while not breaking the fast.
My natural pre-workout every time!

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Caveman coffee baby! Any sort of black coffee with butter or ghee will do though, try it out!


Vietnamese iced coffee – super strong French flavor drip style with condensed milk:


Well, I dont drink coffe on a daily basis, cause I dont like to depend on anything. But sometimes a great ice coffe is just awesome! :smiley:


Turkish coffee the best for me :pray:

I just make my own black coffee at home which is pretty boring compared to some of your coffees, but not that much work though :grin:

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Nescafe 3 in 1 haha, fastest to make


Iced coffee from McDonalds isn’t all that bad and it’s cheap!

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So you use a coffee grinder???

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I get my girlfriend to make it haha

Once you go black, you never go back.

Edit: I’m a strong and proud energy drink addicted guy as well :star_struck::exploding_head:

I tried the rockstar xdurance line the other day and it was GOOD. 300mg of caffeine :sunglasses:

Lucky man.


Haven’t tried it. Where can I get it? :thinking:

Which country you are from?

I use a coffee machine that can make different type of coffees like espresso and that stuff out of coffee beans, it’s pretty good

  • Long black
  • Vietnamese Ice Coffee (strong and sweet ass baby!!!)
  • Double shot macchiato (my new love)

Only deco :sunglasses: