Cold Emails for Growing IG

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know of a program or way to cold email clients?

I’ve previously tried GMAIL, but its been nearly 1.5 years old of the email game. I used to upload a file unto G Drive that I update the email list. Then I use a template response, and a script, when I run the script, it sends to all the emails in the excel from G Drive. I think the max was 200 per day.

Does anyone else use something similar? Any recommendations is greatly appreciated!!

(Edit: not selling ig service, its actually for a product built locally, side biz)

You can use YAMM the same way you described.


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Thanks! Its for our coffee product business and since we are near the downtown area, looking to target local offices. Thanks again!

This one is specific for IG so it might be able to do what you’re after.

I haven’t personally tried it yet but first impressions seem good.

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