Comment and Like Engagement group

Since OP gave this up, this topic is now closed.

This is a form that will allow you to join a community of like and comment sharers of MP users on IG. An email will be sent weekly on saturday with an updated list of accounts that you can paste in the like or comment module of Instagram on MP. If you are found to not be participating by updating your list, you will be removed from the list. The list will be sent as BCC to protect your email address. I will never sell your email list, or give it to anyone. This will be incredibly useful for users once we begin to gain a large list of people who like and comment.


Nice idea, good luck with it. Just a word of advice for everyone, this is not something created by the MP team, so it’s up to you how you proceed, I’m not saying not to, just thought you should know :wink:


Yeah! Would you have any recommendations for safety? Im the only one with the email list, but there might be something im not thinking about that could cause problems…

Can you please explain what is that mean? I didn’t quite understand the purpose of this doc.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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basically, ill send you a list weekly and you add it to like specific users post. Your name will be sent to other peoples and other peoples name will be sent to you. they will like your post and you will like theirs. its an automatic like and comment trading that helps increase your engagement


Good idea, This will make your accounts look more active with the high number of engagement on the posts.

I’m sure some users will be really interested in this.

Can’t think of anything at the moment as I haven’t done this before. I guess if there’s anything you’ll learn about it while doing it :slight_smile: It might get a little tedious if you’re the only one doing anything but it could be worth it, so good luck again :slight_smile:

So umm… Basically like for like, shout for shout kinda thing?

Just thought of something. Wont it be great if MP comes up with an automated operation, where we can put our accs (preferably throwaways) in and select which post gets what sort of engagement and boom! Imagine the power of all MP users combined, it will surely get more than 10k to 100k likes per post.

/wishful thinking :grin:


Haha, yeah, we considered something like this and talked about it a while back, haven’t decided on it yet and the truth is that it would also take some time to develop that we don’t really have at this time. We’ll see in the future though.


I was chatting with OP last night and we started talking about solutions for this.

Would it be easier to let us create a group of comments and assign it to a specific account or sets of accounts.

EX: I run my own motivational account and I could easily provide a lot of relevant comments that would fit on any of my images but unfortunately they way MP is now it would just assign random comments to random accounts that you specify. So id love to be able to assign a group off comments to a single account or groups of accounts.

This seems MUCH more do-able from a Dev/Time stand point. What do you think? Any chance we could get that update?

it would be if we had the time for side-gigs like this :slight_smile: unfortunately we are swamped with the constant updates, bugs and additions. Add a feature request in the feature requests thread though and we’ll look into it when we have the time.

hey guys. Today’s the day were sending out an email. be sure to be on the list before we send it out. or youll have to wait till next saturday!

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cool, so enough people joined so this is a go, nice to hear that :slight_smile:

we actually got over 30 users and 50+ accounts involved. so its going to be really nice!


eMail was send Saturday? Havn’t got one.

Just signed up for Likes :blush:

she said there were issues with the Email. I havent seen anything yet. Hoepfully soon

yeah were working on fixing everything! This saturday will be alot smoother

trial and error :slight_smile: it usually is like this when something starts…

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