Comment Liking on mass

Has anyone tried comment liking on mass?


Hello, you will be blocked from it before getting 150 likes down :slight_smile:

The new approach of IG isn’t about doing “mass actions” in a short period of time. As IG gets more and more strict in these last days/weeks, we should instead thinking about how to get more and more discret.
And try it out with your own hand. You’ll be blocked exactly like you were with the normal Like function : after 100 or 150 likes in a row !


I think the like function for comments and pictures are treated differently. I am specifically asking about comments.

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try it with a trusted account and try it with new fresh account and you will know the results

Will do. The only way to know is test

I did the tests a few month ago, on my own account, on my phone.

  • Could not load more than 145 likes in a short period of time, on pictures.

  • Could not load more on the comments (don’t remember the numbers but < 150).

Go for it, you’ll be disappointed ! Sorry

Oh I plan to use a python script. I m pretty sure there’s no limit

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When I manually like comments i get blocked after like 5 lmao

I tried using liking comments for growth without any success. Now I’m just using it for liking the comments on my own posts for engaging with my followers which works fine.

By “load” do you mean they didn’t stick?

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Yes, apologizes for my english, it didn’t stick. And “no sticks” for me = soft blocks, we all been experienced them with likes :slight_smile:

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How many likes per day? I m running 10 scripts with 1000 likes per hour is my guess. Do you think the issue is comment pods?

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I didn’t tried that many comments. The max I did was around 200-300 per day. But after 2-3 weeks running it and liking comments of other people’s posts I didn’t got any results in terms of follow backs. It can be that they don’t get a notification if they don’t follow you, but I’m not sure about that.

You mean you are running 10 scripts with liking 1000 comments for 1 account? If yes, that’s impressive, I didn’t know that this is possible regarding limits of IG.

Why do you think Comment Pods are an issue?

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It has been discussed somewhere else : a proof with screenshot has been showed up that 2 accounts that were not following each others, could see on the IG “timeline” that the other one had liked the comment :slight_smile:

Every account I manage likes comments on other people’s accounts every day. 150 per day. I find it helps with avoiding other actions blocks.


I m pretty sure it’s unlimited comment likes.

There is a limit don’t think there is not. You can do more on mobile app than a browser or bot by far. Even with the mobile app a certain amount can be liked until blocked and that block often lifts in minutes.


I keep it under 200 per day and have been doing it since January. I haven’t seen a block yet, but I space them out all day - around 8-10 per hour. If they limited it, I wouldn’t mind, I’d just do less - I don’t think it’s a great growth tool but I do think it helps with brand awareness and engagement back on your photos (just theory in my head). Also, again, I think it helps with less action blocks on Follow and Like Tools (not theory in my head, proven).

Ahh so you can spam block repeat I understand.

i used to and it worked fantastic – I stopped it last May as it really is not effective anymore. Can’t tell ya how it works now.