💥 Complete List of Facebook Methods To Grow Your Business And Engagement


Yes I posted 1 Post in 1 Group and got banned for 14 days what is up??


New account? What have you posted? A link?


Great!!! Thanks for the clarification :heart_eyes:


Facebook has definitely become very difficult to work with as a marketer. Feels like walking on egg-shells. But thank you for the very informative post @Johnny :slight_smile:


this article has been very helpful. Thank you!


There is a Great tool for increasing page likes. Called Super Inviter. Its chrome extension if i am correct. Use it within 2-24hours from posting good Content on Facebook. The sooner it runs The better conversion to page likes are. Though you need Likes on post 1st :slight_smile:


@Said sorry for the delay was unable to enter untill I figure it out, was using the old nvm, to the point… I noticed FB has since you asked slow down a lot with the restrictions, sometimes for the bump if done to soon the block you for 2 days of bumping, no biggie, as for the week blocks, I found posting 1 in each group every 3 hours is as safe as it can be using the bumps of course. I have had some several personal issues so have not done much to prove more things but I will, now that have a few accounts and was able to even get one back. So yeah not sure how others post but 1 every 3 hours and with the bumps seems to work quite well with no problems, will try every 2 and 1 once I get my head straight… sorry didn’t mean to write a book but am a FB guy who needs to learn instagram! no time for that yet but soon enough, thanks for asking and am glad to be able to get back in again :smile:


Glad to hear that you was able to find a way around. 1 post every 3 hours is good enough. Just get lots of accounts and you will be able to make lots of posts per day.


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thank johnny


Hi @Said, yes is working like a charm, no more blocks ever since, like I said I will try more but like u said 1 every 3 and no problems? I think is as safe as you can be and am posting the same post not using all the spin and all that cause… I dont need to!!! lol but other people with other needs might, for me? is great, get the traffic I need, and am pretty happy about it. Thank you for asking and once again sorry took me so long to answer cheers!


thank you so much for your time and effort. such an amazing guide :slight_smile:


Thanks for this, @Johnny. This will be very helpful for my promotion purposes.


Thanks for the content!


Hi adnan
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Best facebook guide I have ever read for real, was wondering how to grow. Now I know how!!


thanks for giving a wonderful running this kind of business


Just checking if anybody is having success with posting to groups. Ive just started in the last couple weeks and dont want to over do it and make sure I use the right settings
In terms of the posts , I’ve made sure it’s appropriate
my posts are heavily Spintaxed (even the link is rotating ) - only the photo is the same on each day (new photo every day tho)

Currently post 1 ad per day to 48 groups, with 120 seconds wait before publishing to new destination … takes about 3 hrs to get thru the 48 groups

I want to gradually increase this to at least 100 groups a day , is that being too aggressive ?
I guess my question is anybody here do a large number of groups each day and having success ?


What are your results? Care enough to make a little in-depth post about it? :smiley:


Nothing earth shattering at the moment. I post to MLM groups promoting lead gen. After I join the group I make sure Im within the rules of what and how often to post , i search for ones that allow at least one post per day . Join about 10 per day .
Then as mentioned I have a new post every day , heavily Spintaxed, 5 different landers to send to , so I spintax the landers as well.
Been going about 10 days now , started with 15… last 8 days have been 44 groups . No issues , as far as posting. Want to get to at least 100 groups per day if that doesn’t get me put in FB Jail