Consulting for Sony Music - Your help is welcome!

Hi MP Community! All hail MP!

I am currently working together with Sony Music on a Consulting Project. The goal of the Project is to innovate their current Business Model. They are relying heavily on Paid Ads and want to take a deeper look into Algorithmic Growth Methods.

Of course I will not tell them about Automation, Mother/Slave or other Methods that are better kept secret. However they are in a good position to built a successful Engagement Group, their Shoutout Process is currently relying on overpaying overpriced Influencers without any Finesse.

Therefore I would be really glad if you guys are willing to share Screenshots with me of the most successful Shoutouts you have done and the Growth Associated with it. Anyone who is successfully using Engagement Groups or other Grow Hacks at the moment and willing to share screenshots is also more than welcome. You might ask why im not simply using only the clients of my agency or use Info from Influencers I found online, but I want to prepare some detailed case studies for them.

I wish you all a great week!


What is the objective? Promoting releases, merchandise, fan base growth?