Content creation for slaves question


Hello everyone,

I have a rather general question after reading through this great forum for the past 5 hours and getting mind-blown with information. Today is the first time I got introduced to the M/S method and was wondering about one thing:

How do you come up with all the content for the slaves? Or is it just generic reposts from other pages? This part is so confusing to me rn. If you could bring some light to it I would be very thankful!


IG Slave Account
I don’t do M/S myself but This is a slave account that recently dmed me that seems to be working well just reposting content in the niche they’re targeting and not posting continuously


You could use copyright free photos from websites like I guess that’s safer than repost.

Other people just use original content from the mother account.


Thank you for taking the time to read and reply :slight_smile:

I have a follow-up question then if I may: in this case reposting from other (not mine) accounts doesnt make sense, correct?


Depends on the content and context, for example travel / destination / gear / pets / cars / babes and niches like that you could repost perfectly. Ofc if you don’t breake any copyright laws would be better. But…


Thank you for the reply, I checked the account it gives me some ideas


Good note about the copyright, will make sure to have a look at that. Thanks!


If you are going to repost, make sure to add a “credit section” for the original contributor


Usually the slave accounts just repost popular content in the niche.
However, you can do that and add the content of the mother account occasionally too. It’s like giving a shoutout to yourself.


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