Could someone please help me with settings/ (I'm a noobie)

Hey guys,

I’m some what new to this.
I’d love for someone to please just message me and give me some advice.

Thank you in advance! :heart_eyes:

It’s a very tough time to just be starting out. I suggest clearing a few weeks on your schedule and simply reading on the site. That’s the best advice you can get. Be a sponge. So much info right here. Most people on here are trying to survive now.


As someone who has been using this for 4 years, I’ve just canceled all my licenses. It’s gotten close to impossible. Read everything and pray for the best

So far the best method was to read the forum as there is a lot of value here, but with the recent blocks people messed up many things and all I recommend is do the tests yourself, and search the forum only for technical answers.

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Do a search in this forum. There’s so much great information. I’d start with this thread…

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